It's Official, Couture Vs. Lesnar For Title At UFC 91

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    With rumors swirling the internet for a week that Randy Couture could be making a return to the UFC after 11 months on the shelf, those rumors became a reality today when UFC President Dana White held a conference call to announce that the Heavyweight Champion will finally return to action and the UFC on November 15th when he defends his title against Brock Lesnar in a five round fight in Las Vegas, NV (not Portland OR that was initially the spot the November card was scheduled to emanate from)

    Source: MMANEWS.COM | It's Official, Couture Vs. Lesnar For Title At UFC 91
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  3. hermhater

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    It's horsecrap that Lesnar is getting the chance to fight for the title right now.

    All about the promotion though.
  4. CP26

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    Who else in the Heavyweight Division in the UFC(NOT AFFLICTION) can bring $$$ to the UFC?
  5. Garnett

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    Are they still acknowledging that Randy's the HW title holder? He's been out of action for nearly a full year. Nog is fighting Mir for the belt. I don't believe they will allow Lesnar to actually fight for the belt. I haven't read the link though so I could be wrong.
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    He Will fight for the Belt.
  7. SuperBeast

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    How does Lesnar get a title shot?

    this is why Dana sucks....
  8. Garnett

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    Are you serious??

    Then wtf are Mir and Nog fighting for? I am one of the few that think Brock will be great in time, but that's bullcrap that a 1-1 record in MMA gets you a title shot that far in advance. If Brock had the resume of an accomplished vet, I'd possibly be okay with it. This is just makes me sad as I think Brock will win.
  9. CP26

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    For Fun??? :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Exactly what I thought when I saw this. WTF has Brock done to deserves a title shot? About as much as you or me have.

    Seems they're not fighting for much.
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  11. Crowned

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    What a match this is going to be
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    Thanks for the clarification DD.

    Looks like about what I expected.
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    Exactly. I was watching Inside MMA on HDNet this weekend and of the Top 10 Heavyweights, I think 7 of them were from Affliction.

    Fight. :icon_cool:

    MMA has fights, WWE has matches. :icon_cheesygrin:
  14. Mike

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    its going to be a cashcow, thats what its going to be
    Dana wants the money and the publicity that will come with this.
    The Legendary Couture vs the up and coming phenom *thats what i'm sure they will call him* Lesnar

    Its going to draw big PPV numbers and a huge live audience
  15. CP26

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    FSU you know what you are talking about. :cool:
  16. TDJets72027

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    SWEET, it's happening on my birthday!
  17. TOP DAWG

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    What's lesnar had 2 fights,and he's fighting Couture for a belt. Sounds like behind the scenes crap going on. I like Brock,but I don't see him experienced enough to beat a Coture. Couture, age or not, can still bring it.
  18. FSUViking

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    In the words of Cryme Tyme from the WWE, "it's all about that money, money....yeah! yeah!"

    This fight will draw HUGE. And that's the bottom line here. Mega payday, exposure, and PPV buys.
  19. youstolethatball

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    I don't give two craps if these guys are fighting for the belt or not. This is an incredible matchup. The aging superstar who's all heart, and the up and coming kid who just happens to be an animal on the mat and with his fists. This could be the most exciting and anticipated fight in a long time. I can't heckin wait for november. I like lesnar to win because he won't gas, he is a stud wrestler, and has heavy hands; but at the same time I will cheer for Randy cause hes the man.
  20. CP26

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    Money Money Yea Yea.:icon_cheesygrin: