It's Too Early To Call This Carr A Lemon

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by indysteve1563, Mar 27, 2007.

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    The next team Carr plays for just simply needs a respectable O-Line (not necessarily Colts-quality although that would be nice) to be successful. Carr simply was set up for failure in Houston.
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    He might not be a lemon... but he has a Salvage title, with no resale value at all.
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    Damn the Texans suck!!! :mrgreen:
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    I like Carr and I think the Packers should pick him up for backup services until Favre retires and have him and Aaron Rogers duke it out for the Starting Spot. I do also think he can be salvaged and worked on to be better behind an offensive line that does there job well.

    But...He needs some work. He has bad decision skills. He needs to learn how to not broadcast what he is going to everytime he steps back to throw. Needs to be more accurate but I think this can be fixed by him not runny for his life all the time and having him make better decisions when dropping back.

    -Favre for President 2008
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    If he's President, I'm moving to Mexico! :mrgreen:
  6. See the thing bout Carr is - with Houston his O-line more often than not failed him. Kinda hard to make good decisions when yer running for your life or on your back.
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    The line wasn't the whole reason last season.
    Good luck to whoever takes a chance on Carr.
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    I think I'm alil sick now :puke: