Its Too Early To Give Up On Houston Alexander

Discussion in 'Boxing/MMA Talk' started by CP26, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. CP26

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    Im getting a little tired of all the accusations that Houston Alexander hasnt been training on the ground. How do any of us know for sure what Alexander has or hasnt been doing? Just because someone doesnt show fluent ground fighting skills in a full-on fight doesnt necessarily mean its from a lack of effort.

    Its too early to give up on Houston Alexander
  2. Garnett

    Garnett Gritt Tuff

    I agree with you CP that he's probably training hard. I just don't see him lasting w/ the UFC b/c he's lost 3 in a row all in the 1st round. He's also 36 and trying to learn JJ to a level that guys who've been doing it for 5-10 years at an elite level already will really show. I really like the guy. He's exciting for fans (win or lose) and has been a relative professional about things. However, I do feel that was his last performance in the UFC last night.