Jaguars Lose 15,000 Season-Ticket Holders

Discussion in 'Jacksonville Jaguars' started by SRW, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. themush

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    I'm going out on a limb (don't beat me up) but, why not Montgomery, or Birmingham, Alabama? Those people love football and in those (big) cities, why not?
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    Ticket prices needed to be able to turn a profit in the NFL would prevent them from reaching capacity on anywhere near a regular basis. The majority of people in the deep south just don't have enough money to sustain success, at least IMO. That and an NFL team would be second fiddle to Alabama/Auburn football forever, that would never change.

    There's a reason no pro sport has touched the region.
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    You must be kidding? One of the reasons why the Jags don't do well in Jacko' is because it's Gator Country. Moving it to 'Bama where they regard the NFL as a joke would be even more disastrous.
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    AB addressed this earlier in the thread:

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    Why not LA?
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    Wow, thats a lot of season ticket holders to lose.
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    Isn't Buffalo flirting with games in Canada??...I realize Canada is close, but shouldn't your home games all be in Buffallo?? Is it a support issue there?
  8. wide right

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    It isn't a support issue at all. Check attendance stats. It's an economic issue. The reason for 1 game a season in Toronto is money. Toronto has lots and lots of money, Buffalo doesn't. Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America. (1-Mexico City, 2-NYC, 3-LA, 4-Chicago) It's not some podunk fishing village in the artic circle. The team is making a crap load of extra cash. There aren't many corporations to draw $$$ off of in Buffalo but there are in TO. Buffalo has $45 tickets, the Toronto ones go from $100-275. Losing a home game is bullcrap. I don't like it one bit. But if it helps the Bills stay in the NFL's 2nd smallest market by sharing 1 game then so be it, I guess.
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    Georgia (believe it or not) has the money to support a second team.

    Hell, again, if Alabama and Mississippi (or Florida) combined efforts to support an NFL team they could have the money to do so. It would be a New England type of team, except the profits and work put into it should be shared between two cities or states. Putting a team in the Gulf Coast that's representative of that area could really work out. Come to think of it Montgomery is probably the only city in Alabama that could support an NFL team (again, Birmingham's mayor screwed it out it's money).

    Come to think of it, Birmingham may not be THAT bad of an idea if something can get established. They would indeed get fans, as UAB is in the heart of Birmingham and it would (hopefully) give them a consistent winning team that wouldn't be annoying to watch. It also has some of the richest cities (in its suburban areas) per capital in the US (Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills), they'd pay to watch it. Most people may be devoted college fans here, but that's only because there was no professional team in the area except Atlanta (which, you don't want to drive two hours and deal with that traffic to watch a consistently bad franchise play)

    Mississippi by itself can't afford one.

    Kentucky, could very well support a team if it's on the opposite side of the UK program.

    Memphis? Don't know why that hasn't gotten a chance since the Titans played there during their transition. The city isn't that rich, but after a year or two with a franchise they could bring in some revenue. It would give people something to do rather than shoot each other all day (I hate that place).
  10. DoubleC

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    Move the Jags to St-Louis and the Rams back to LA.