Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew Open To Trade

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    In light of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan's recent public remarks, holdout running back Maurice Jones-Drew is now open to being traded, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN who cites sources close to the situation. Khan's comments to the Florida Times-Union and Yahoo! Sports inflamed a situation that, until now, was rather peaceful. Now, the holdout shows no signs of letting up and is expected to extend into the regular season. This week, Khan told the Florida Times-Union: "Train is leaving the station; Run, get on it," remarks that did not sit well with the proud Jones-Drew, the NFL's defending rushing champion. Last week he told Yahoo! Sports: "He's not here, and that's his decision. Believe me, it's not a great concern. You hope for the best, and you plan for the worst. Our goals for the season don't change, and if he isn't here, he isn't here. I don't control it. It's his choice." Jones has two years remaining on the five-year, $31 million deal he signed in 2009.

    Source: The Redzone
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    I'd welcome it in a minute!!
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    Redskins could use him. Half the teams in the league could use him. Broncos could use a reliable alternative to Ol' Man Manning
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    One trade and the Jags lose half of their offense
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    I'll get this out of the way for every fanbase:

    'He'd look GREAT in a __________ uniform! Make the trade, ________!'
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    Trade him to the jets for Tim Tebow and a second round pick. Then Jacksonville will be happy.

    9ers n lakers on my razr maxx(tapralk)
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    I don't blame mjd....its going to be like the niners years ago when they ran the crap out of frank gore, then teams started stacking the box and they still ran the crap outta him.
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    If Jones-Drew is traded then I honestly think the Jagaurs will join the Lions in the 0-16 club. Seriously this team is a freakin joke
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    I'm proud of the ol' Sheik. Let the hecker sit at home and pay all the money he already has in fines. The dude just signed a big contract. Screw him.
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    2 years left on his deal and now he wants it re-done because he led the league in rushing. Is there a profession where contracts are so meaningless?
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    Only in the NFL. A team can cut you and not have to pay you any of your remaining "guaranteed money"

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    iron sheik just camel clutched his him!