Jaguars say they may draft two quarterbacks

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    The NFL Draft is coming up in May which has teams starting to hammer out their draft strategies now. One of those teams is the Jacksonville Jaguars who are looking to fill a number of needs in both free agency and the draft. A major need for the team is at quarterback and after much debate among fans throughout the season, the team has tipped its hand to their plans -- not that they needed to. According to Jaguars beat writer Ryan O'Halloran, Jacksonville's owner Shad Khan has confirmed that the team is going to be drafting a quarterback in this year's draft. Almost everyone was already assuming the Jaguars were going to do such a thing, and Khan's confirmation is hardly earth shattering. Still, the question is, where exactly will the Jaguars draft a quarterback?

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    my condolences to all the Jag fans out there. Drafting two when you have a history of not drafting one good one.
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    Give the Jags all 32 1st round picks and they'll still sh*t the bed.
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