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    cowboy fans need to see that this guy is looney tune at this point. the only "true" success he's had as an owner came courtesy of jimmy johnson. since then its been disappointment mixed in with the occasional "eagles" type season (choking at the end).

    now he has a collection of jackasses (ok only two now that randle is gone) that are not doing the team any good with their diva acts and apparent joy in beating women.

    the latest is this -

    now we will have to let things unfold to see if there is any truth to dez's claims the a racial slur was used towards him but at face value this just seems like another rant by a jackass nfl player.

    either way, this is all thanks to jerry.
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    Jerry stopped running the Cowboys years ago. He still craves the attention, and wants to take all the credit when things go right, like last year. Stephen is now the "unofficial" GM, but Jerry is still, and will always be, the face of the franchise. It's his property, and his right.

    Greg Hardy was suspended 15 games last year, and 4 games this year. All charges have been dropped, and expunged from his record. What else is he supposed to do? Show remorse? Show me the law that says you have to show remorse so you can be a free man. My point is, if Hardy is still being employed by an NFL team, it's your justice system's fault, not the NFL's, or the Cowboys'.

    No, I'm not defending him. He's a scumbag, and I wish he wasn't on my team, but he is, and I'm not turning my back on my team just because they happen to employ a scumbag.

    The Dez tantrum is IMHO another issue blown out of proportion by the media. When coaches throw tirades like that after games, we laugh our asses off and create memes and sh!t, but when a player does it, it's because he's "out of control". Give me a break.
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    dez's biggest problem is he needs to grow up. greg hardy's biggest problem is he needs to get his ass whipped like he has never been whipped before. he should fight ronda rousey for charity.
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    So, just out of curiosity, who's running this team?

    It's Jones, right?
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    Jerry runs the franchise. Stephen runs the football operations.