Jets Agree To Deal With CB Darrelle Revis

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by mike oxlong, Sep 6, 2010.

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    The Darrelle Revis saga is over.

    After month of acrimonious negotiations, multiple stalements and a threat to sit out the entire 2010 season, the New York Jets finally reached a contract agreement late Sunday with the All Pro cornerback.’s Jay Glazer is reporting the new contract is for seven years but it may void to a four-year deal.
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  3. Thanks anyway man, I didn't see it...
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    I fixed to use the foxsports link as it corresponds with the main story and the void corresponds to the Manish tweet.

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    I know tons of people who are happy this is over. I just wonder how much time of his maintaining his abilities on his own will show up in the beginning of the season. Boldin gets Revis Island week 1. Should be fun to watch.
  5. I actually expected him to holdout for much of the year since this lasted through Labor Day.

    There was no way Revis was going to get $160M or anywhere near that. But Revis still gets to be the highest paid CB in the league so it was a win-win for both sides.
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    Can't say it's much of a surprise.

    Both sides needed each other for different reasons tho they still had the same end line.

    Along with alot of useless posturing, woofin', etc., but in the end...lovers with a claim of unity. :icon_smile:

    It was just about break point for Revis but he still got under the wire for including a flyer on all the fines he accrued, bet u that....
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    Jets defense is now official.
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    no excuses when they let down this season...:wink:
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    Nostradamus approves this message...


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    Wow I expected this to last all year
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    lol, that.
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    revis came WAY down on his demands. 4 years at $11.5m/yr is much more reasonable.
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    Yea, although he is getting 16.25 the first 2 years then we can start talking contract again, or he can play out the 4 years and the become a unrestricted free agent.