Jets QB Mark Sanchez Working On Ball Security

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    After a reckless game that included a head-first plunge and pair of fumbles, Rex Ryan has implored Mark Sanchez, his franchise signal caller, to take better care of himself and the ball. Sanchez's penchant for handling the pigskin like a loaf of bread has gotten him in some hot water. Ryan called the carelessness "a turnover waiting to happen." "(The) tough part about playing that position is things are flying around you," Ryan said. "You just got to sense the pressure and understand that you still got to move and protect the football, while you're focusing down the field."

    Source: The Times-Picayune
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    He has really surprised me with how well he's done so far. I thought he would be a decent QB, but never thought he'd be this good. Could the Jets have struck gold with the old "Rookie Head Coach/Rookie QB" recipe???