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    Teams that improved the most


    They could have went home after the first round and won two more games next year. Robinson is a nasty and freakishly gifted OT who will be afforded a chance to work on his technique as a rookie on the right side. He will likley be the teams LT in 2015. Donald will team with Brockers to form a quick and athletic intirior of what could be a dominant DL. Lamarcus Joyner may wind up the best safety in this class (if he plays there). Cerberbral, tough DB with excellent ball skills


    Barr I thought was excellent value, and a great replacement for Allen. A superior to 2013 #3 overall Dion Jordan, I wasnt buying Barrs slip and will compete with Clowney and Mack as the best rusher to come out of this draft. Bridgewater has his question marks, but he is the most NFL ready QB in this class, and I could easily see him having a Matt Ryan type rookie year. Very cerebral Qb. Cricton was excellent value in the 3rd. A high motor LDE prospect who can work his way to the QB off the edge, hold gaps VS the run as well as flex inside to the 3 technique on some packages, which could be key considering both Floyd and Joseph are power players. Yankey was excellent value in the 5th, he was at one time rated as a 2nd rounder


    Ya, ya they gave up too much. Well lets look at what they walked away with. Watkins will instantly be there #1 and if manuel stays healthy, they could have a very dangerous passing game for the first time in a very long time with Watkins, Woods, Williams and Goodwin. Cyrus Kouandjio, was excellent value in the 2nd and should be a strong RT to pair with the very underrate Cordy Glenn at LT. Preston Brown could wind up a starter at MLB or LOLB before midseason. Cyril Richardson is an steal in the 5th and an excellent power RG. Wont have that many issues with speed at RG lining up VS ! Techs and NTs

    Best picks in the draft

    3/66 Morgan Moses, OT, Redskins

    Redskins really needed on RT in this draft, and got probobly a round value on Moses who is well rounded as run and pass blocker and players with good power, athleticism and technique. I thought him and Juwaan James would go around the same time

    3/90 Donte Moncrief, WR Colts

    Legit 1st round talent, and WR1 skill set, will go down as an absolute steal likley due to that fact he isnt as polished as the 1st rounders this year, and this was an insanly deep WR class. By 2016 he will be a dominant #1 WR

    4/121/ Daquan Jones, DT, Titans

    Big, stout, hard working, scheme versatile 1 tech or NT depending on what you run, also has alot of untapped quickeness and could be both an anchor and penetrator
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