Jim Caldwell Says Interception Won't Diminish Peyton Manning's Legacy

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  1. Facing a critical third-and-5 on the Saints' 31-yard line with New Orleans holding a 24-17 lead with just over three minutes left, Colts QB Manning looked to do what he's done all year, hit all-pro wide receiver Reggie Wayne on a slant pattern for the first down, but as Wayne made his cut, Saints' cornerback Tracy Porter cut underneath him and intercepted the pass, returning it 74 yards for a touchdown to seal the win for the Saints. Though the interception certainly wasn't the only reason the Colts lost the game, Indianapolis coach Jim Caldwell was asked after the game what the play meant to Manning's legacy. "I don't think it will have any bearing on his legacy," Caldwell said. "Obviously, he's a great player. It never comes down to just one single play in a game. He's still a great player, an outstanding performer, a great competitor and that (the interception) doesn't diminish it at all."

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  2. DaBearsrule4ever

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    I agree that that INT shouldn't diminish Peyton Manning's legacy but it will eat at him all offseason long.
  3. K Train

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    i think it has to a little bit...it was all him, a chance to tie the game and you choke yet again
  4. ravenfan52

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    He still won a championship; I don't see why championships are such a huge measuring stick for quarterbacks' greatness. Yeah, they're important, but one player isn't the whole team. I don't think this will haunt him the whole offseason; he's not the type to let things like this get to him. He'll probably have some nightmares in the next few weeks, but he'll get over it and come back and still play at a very high level. I don't see the Colts falling victim to the Super Bowl loser curse; although that's what everyone said about New England in 2008 and they (somehow) missed the playoffs the following year.
  5. AtlantaBlazer

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    It won't diminish his legacy, but it was a foolish throw. He took a gamble to pick up the big gain instead of taking the man underneath.
  6. russian.tank

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    Peyton Manning is still my hero.
  7. Bears 88

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    All him? WTF were you watching?

    My god you sound like Skip Bayless.
  8. K Train

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    i saw him force a big gain instead of taking the underneath guy that was there all game. porter had a good jump but if they throw wasnt mannings fault, please tell me whos to blame
  9. mj1987us26

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    Reggie Wayne could have and should have done more to get to the ball.
  10. Bears 88

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    Or maybe Reggie Wayne hecked up. :icon_rolleyes:
  11. smeags

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    huh ? how was that forcing a big gain ? it was a little beyond a 10yr pbutt. like mj said wayne did nothing to come to the ball so he along with manning are to blame on that play not just peyton.

    guess it was his fault wayne dropped what could've been a touchdown as well ?
  12. If you watch that play you would clearly see that Reggie was the guy underneath. Porter got a good jump. I bet Peyton would love to have that throw back but that was a great read by a good corner. Porter did his homework and saw what was coming. In my opinion that was the perfect time to go for the long pass, but maybe that is why I'm not in the NFL.