Jim Schwartz Says It's Too Early For Lions To Talk Playoffs

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    Lions head coach Jim Schwartz doesn't mind running back Kevin Smith dreaming about the playoffs but Schwartz won't look that far ahead. Smith, a second-year man, said the Lions will follow last season's 0-16 record with a playoff run which would mean the best turnaround in NFL history. Schwartz did not run from Smith's words, but he wanted to temper them. "I don't want to discourage enthusiasm, but the playoffs are a long way away," Schwartz said. "What's more important is what happens today. How are we practicing today. Those are the things we need to take care of on a daily basis. We need to set goals on a truer scale today than further on down the road."

    Source: Detroit News
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    Wise man. :redface:
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    jimmy's going all the way this year! love this cat!
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