Jimmy Johnson Calls Vikings QB Brett Favre A "Drama Queen"

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by MediaGuy, Oct 15, 2010.

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    Jimmy Johnson has heard Brett Favre's story before. The Fox NFL analyst said the Minnesota Vikings QB may well be dealing with arm pain, but he thinks Favre is addicted to dragging out his issues in a public forum. "He's a drama queen that's 41 years old, and while some of his ailments are real, and he's got some problems, there's no doubt about that," Johnson said on Fox Sports radio. "But he loves to play it up, he loves the spotlight. And the guy can still do it. And I've always said this —- it's not how many great plays you make that make you successful, it's how few bad plays. And it's getting to where his bad plays are about equal or more to his good plays." Favre was a limited participant in practice on Thursday, a day after he said he may have to end his streak of 289 straight starts because of arm pain. The Vikings and Favre have struggled to a 1-3 start after reaching the NFC title game last season. The NFL is also investigating alleged inappropriate behavior between Favre and women who worked for the New York Jets when he played for the team in 2008

    Source: USA Today
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    Yea, thanks, Jimmy. Tell us something we didn't know.
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    Does anyone see the irony in this? The Pot Calling the Kettle Black...1 Drama Queen calling out another Drama Queen?
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    Whatever dude stick to your own "sport." And I use the term freaking loosely and with prejudice.
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    Yea, Mr. Hair Helmet. Why don't you quit NFL on Fox and stick to selling your boner pills.
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    Just to be clear this was directed at Jimmy Johnson, not anyone in this thread.
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    I can't take anyone who got caught on camera like this seriously:

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    Where's the pot/kettle black thingy?
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    His comment is like ours, Is Jimmy a member here???? QQ
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    Brett Favre a drama queen? Really?
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    yes JJ said something we all know....but the grabbing the elbow thing was a little over the top
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    hey jimmy i dont think your the first and sure wont be the last to call him a drama queen