Joe Banner, Mike Lombardi out in Cleveland, Ray Farmer new GM

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    In a stunning announcement on Tuesday morning, the Cleveland Browns revealed that Ray Farmer is their new general manager, as CEO Joe Banner and former G.M. Mike Lombardi are leaving the team.

    The news will come as a total shock in Cleveland and across the NFL, where the Browns were already viewed by many as a dysfunctional franchise following the firing of head coach Rob Chudzinski at the end of the 2013 season.

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    Hopefully, Lombardi will return to NFL Network, and to write for
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    lmfao !!!!
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    Listened to the press conference... Haslam is going down the early Daniel Snyder/present Jerry Jones Everyone will report to him? Lmao.
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    Others have pointed out today that having a direct line of reporting to the owner is also the same arrangement in Pittsburgh..

    There's going to be plenty of criticism today, but this is overwhelmingly a positive move, and I'm happy it was made. Farmer is a much better choice to run football operations going forward, and I'm glad to see a commitment made to keep him.
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    IMO this is a good move by the browns. (my laughter is aimed at the weasel getting fired).

    banner is a cancer that brings nothing but horrible PR to a team. when the team is winning you can stomach it i guess but in a situation like cleveland this guy will make it worse.
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    How freaking bassackwards is this joke of an organization? In a year, if that, they'll be firing Pettine so Farmer can have his own coach for his regime, shortly thereafterwards firing Farmer for craptiness and bringing in a new GM to work with Farmers coach, who will have to be fired posthaste so the new GM can have his own guy as HC who will suck leading to the GM's dismissal and the hiring of a new GM who will want his own OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOP.
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    Hasn't it been like that since 1999?
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    Was going to say the exact same thing. All of a sudden, Pettine isn't the GMs "guy" anymore. So we'll have to wait and see until Farmer gets "his guy."

    I love it...
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    didn't most say pettine shouldnt unpack his bags too quickly ? like TJ said this is the browns part II since day one.

    bringing banner into an already dysfunctional situation was never going to work so the pattern continues.

    good luck on your job search next year pettine.
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    What a joke of a franchise. Surprised they have any fans at all at this point.
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    Does Banner find another job?
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    Hey Ward,you better make a start on the new 3 Stooges T shirt! :ROFLMAO:
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    @AdamSchefter: Since 1999, the Browns have paid or will pay over $100 million in dead money to fired executives and coaches.
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    Lombardi is crapping kittens cause he got a job working for the pats.