Joe Gibbs Resigns For Washington

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by PSID412USM, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Guess we'll see who the real problem was, and to be honest, I'd be putting money on it NOT being Gibbs.
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    ill 3rd that
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    DId Gibbs resign because of the Seattle loss? I hope Redskins next year remember that when they play Seattle and KICK them. What seattle fans did after the game was so classless. I hope they're proud they just cost a good man his job. I know he wasn't fired, but I feel this is like he got fired because of Seattle. I hope HOlmgren is proud of himself!:icon_frown:
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    No, it was more of him missing out on things with the family, he realized how much stuff he had missed with his grandson who has cancer, and just not being able to see the others play in things.

    Snyder wanted him to stay, but he respects him so much he told him that he wouldn't try to force him.
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    his name, is Jason Campbell. And he's at best, a Average QB in the NFL. Todd Collins got the ball to the WR's 10x better, then Campbell. That allows Portis room to run. But by all means, Keep Campbell behind center, please. :)
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    JC isn;t the problem, i have said this before. I dont know why but with JC in there the coaches wont open the playbook - they are keeping JC on a leash, this was not the case with Collins. Also how can it be JC hes only been starter for a season and half, before that it was Brunell
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    thats a good point redskinsno.1 they are alot better with campbell
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    What RedskinsNo1 said it true, they don't let Jason do a lot of things, when he's in, we stick to what seems to be screens and runs, not deep passes and passes up the middle, which he isn't to bad at.

    He needs to step up with the ball protecting because face it, people are going to get through that line every now and then.
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    No way bro. Gibbs is too old, he's like 67 now I think. He wont be back.