Jon Bon Jovi Reportedly Interested In Purchasing The Buffalo Bills

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    Rock star Jon Bon Jovi is consumed with purchasing an NFL team, and is among the parties positioning to purchase the Buffalo Bills when the team comes up for sale, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports.

    The Bills will go to the market when owner Ralph Wilson passes, and, while many league sources believe the Rogers Communications group in Toronto, who already work closely with the Wilson family to stage games annually in Toronto, is the prime suitor for the franchise, sources said Bon Jovi has spent considerable time in the area getting to know politicians and power brokers and even added a date there late in a recent tour to allow for more time to allocate to the matter

    Source: The Redzone

    SteveRobWhatever's Take: Bon Jovi has tried to get in the NFL game before, notably with the Falcons before Arthur Blank purchased the franchise. He's also been involved with the Arena Football League. His interest in local politics might be a good sign for fans who hope to keep the team in Buffalo.
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    He has
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    he can change the team song to" living' on a prayer" cause they usually are?
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    guess it is a tax write off?
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    Bin Jovi said this report is this time.
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    Is that Bin Laden's little brother?