Jonathan Dwyer Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct

Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by markaz, Jan 30, 2015.

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    The story is here if you're that bored and want to read it: Yahoo.

    So this puke breaks his wife's nose one day and then the next day pops her in the jaw and throws a shoe across the room at his 18-month old toddler. And for this he gets a plea deal with prosecutors and only gets 18 months probation for disorderly conduct. In almost every state if a man hits woman and breaks a bone, especially if they're married, then it's a felony domestic assault charge and 3-6 months in the can. No.....not for this douchebag. No court ordered domestic violence or child abuse courses, no community service, no nothing.

    In his most recent blog/article @SportsChump has a great take on the current deflated balls bullshirt going on in the NFL (fantasyknuckleheads). At the core of the article is this statement: "While I agree that rules regarding fair play should exist in professional sports, politics, business, etc., and violators of said rules should be penalized accordingly, such punishment should be carried out swiftly and consistently." This is where the NFL and the courts in our land are so much alike. They both drag something on forever and then when punishments are handed down they are all too often a f_cking joke.

    Dwyer's been on Goodell's Exempt List, along with another outstanding citizen named Greg Hardy, since he was booked on charges. Now that he's had his day in court he is no longer on the list. So is everything peachy-keen with Roger and the NFL now? 18 months probation. What a joke!!
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    Wonder how big this story would be if say a premiere player had done this...goes to show how much the media makes of stories based on the players status.
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    Can't get much more marquise than Adrian Peterson. He plea bargained a felony child abuse charge down to misdemeanor reckless assault for whipping his 4-year-old and got probation and a bunch of conditions that should he fulfill those conditions within 2 years every shred of his criminal conviction will be expunged.

    By comparison AP got it far worse than Dwyer. At least AP has mandated drug testing, got a whopping $4,000 fine, community service, counseling and a bunch more (something like 16 or 17 stipulations in all). And Dwyer got nada.
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    I wonder what the penalty would've been and how much coverage had it been someone like Matt Forte or DeMarco Murray...or even someone as large as Peyton Manning.
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    Probably an autograph session in the judges chambers and a call from Roger just seeing how things were going.
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