June Free Agency Unlikely To Impact Saints

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    The calendar has shifted to the month of June, meaning a second stage of free agency, albeit a very minor stage, is set to kick off in the NFL. June is obviously not the free agency buzz-saw that occurs three months prior, but for teams in need of a veteran presence or two throughout their rosters, the month presents the perfect time to make those moves without affecting their compensatory pick formula. A byproduct of the reformed 2006 collective bargaining agreement, players whose contracts expired outright or were released during spring, can be signed by new teams after June 1 without making an impact on […]

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    You are right although Jedediah was a restricted free agent, which doesn't factor into the compensatory formula (at least as far as i understand) COMPENSATORY DRAFT PICKS: Compensation awarded by the league to teams who lost more UFAs than they signed. Compensation is in the form of extra draft picks added to the end of rounds three through seven. The quantity of picks is equivalent to the difference of UFAs signed to UFAs lost. For example, if a team loses 4 UFAs and signs 1 UFA, they will receive three Compensatory Selections. The value of the picks is determined by the difference of the contracts signed by the players lost and those acquired. The highest possible compensatory pick is the 31st of the third round (91st overall). If a team has signed an equal number or more UFAs than it lost, no "Compensatory Picks" are awarded.
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    was confused with the above post till I went to the main page to read the story and saw the comment. LOL Jed wasn't tendered so the comp pick does not apply.