Ken Whisenhunt Reiterates Matt Leinart Is The Cardinals Starting QB

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  1. While Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt made it clear today that it was Matt Leinart's quarterback job to lose, "Matt has earned the right to be 'The Guy,' " he said, he wasn't interested in talking about what it would take for Leinart to lose that job to newcomer Derek Anderson. Not here in March. "There are a lot of factors that go into the quarterback position," Whisenhunt said, sounding a bit exasperated at the question. "Right now, with us being four-and-a-half months from training camp, that'd be premature to talk about. Like I said, I think we have seen a tremendous amount of growth from Matt but I am also excited about Derek. There will be competition. That's not anything different than any of the other positions."

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    C'mon Ken. You didn't just throw that many millions at Anderson to simply hold the clipboard. :whatever:

    This contract reminds me of the one multi-million dollar one that Kerry Collins signed with the Giants way-back-when and the Giants also swore that he was just there to be the backup too.
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    Derek Anderson is for when Matt fails. And not if.
  4. I certainly remember that. Collins was battling an alcohol addiction at the time and was recently released by the Saints. We signed Collins to a four-year contract worth $16.9 Million. I remember Peter King blasting that signing but Collins turned himself around and became a really good quarterback for us for about five seasons.

    Collins wasn't the starter at first, Kent Graham was but took over midway though the 1999 season.
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    I'm not sold on Matt...
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    I wish he would make up his freaking mind. He said a day or so ago that there would be a competition for the QB position now he's saying that Leinart is his Ken :moe: