KFFL: Overvalued Players

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by wide right, Jul 14, 2007.

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    Source: KFFL, Alex Schaefer
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    Should post a list of the names in here. Gay butt links...

    Vince Young on that list fack off.
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    How hard is it to click a link really? The internet is full of lists these days. Everybody loves a nice lazy list. If I were to just put the players named in that article in the original post nobody would read the full article. The analysis is much more important than list of names. The SOP for posting news articles in this forum is the same as the Headlines section. When SRW starts copy and pasting full articles in Headlines then I'll do the same in here. Until then I'm just following GIF policy for news links.

    I think the author's take on Young is fair. He's a very good NFL QB but that doesn't necessarily make him a good choice as a #1 FF QB. Even if he rushes for 100 yards in a game, which is quite impressive, that's still less points than if he threw just 1 TD. The author goes on to say:
    What's wrong with that analysis?
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    The analysis is fair yeah I suppose, but to say hes not an every week starter is stupid. Vince makes things happen, regardless of what talent he has around him. Nobody is going to mistake him for a Brady or Manning when it comes to FF value but hes no freaking chump.
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    The Madden Curse is real. Don't take Young.
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    The thing with Young is he threatens to be inconsistent (in the numbers he posts). The Titans will still try to be a run first team IMO and Young is a guy who won't post huge passing numbers a lot of weeks. No one thinks he has less talent than say, a Jon Kitna, but Kitna might well be a better fantasy option.
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    List Of Overvalued Players

    QB: Vince Young and Matt Schaub.

    RB: Willis McGahee, Maurice Jones-Drew, Adrian Peterson, and Joseph Addai.

    WR: Chad Johnson, Lee Evans, Anthony Gonzalez, and Greg Jennings.

    TE: Randy McMichael.

    K: Josh Brown and Neil Rackers

    Defensive Teams: Ravens and Bears.

    Source: KKFL, Alex Schaefer