Knicks Introduce Veteran Additions Jason Kidd And Marcus Camby

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    Jason Kidd hasn't spoken to Jeremy Lin yet.But when he does, he'd like to teach the young point guard a simple lesson: how to slow down."He just plays at one gear and it's a very high gear," Kidd said on Thursday shortly after signing his three-year, $9 million deal with the Knicks. "So we'll sit down and talk about trying to find that fourth and third gear so that he has the energy to finish ballgames. We want him to play the whole season. At just one gear, it's hard to play 82 games."Kidd, an 18-year veteran, said he's "excited" to serve as a mentor to the 23-year-old Lin. Kidd was introduced on Thursday at the Knicks' practice facility along with veteran center Marcus Camby."I still feel I can start but this is a role they need," Kidd said of backing up Lin. "I'm a basketball player. When I'm out there, I'm a leader. I'll continue to lead. I'm looking forward to the new role."

    Source: ESPN