Koonce: Team may add a 'big name'

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    If George Koonce's nose is right, the Green Bay Packers' offense might get an upgrade.

    Koonce, who recently resigned his position as the Packers' director of player development to accept a job with Marquette University, has caused a stir on blogs and Internet message boards with his remarks to a Milwaukee radio station Friday.

    At the end of an interview on "The Gary and Cliff Show" on WSSP (AM-1250), Koonce said "the offseason's not over with quite yet, so don't be surprised if ... a big name (comes) in before training camp."

    Pressed by the hosts for more information, Koonce refused to provide a name, but said he was talking about an offensive player.

    "I'm not going to spill the beans," Koonce said, "but ... I sniffed around a little bit before I left."

    Considering the Packers' failure to land Randy Moss and countless other rumors that have come and gone, this could be one more letdown for fans frustrated by the team's inactivity in free agency.

    But with about $10 million of salary-cap space (after the rookie pool is spent) and more than a month until training camp, General Manager Ted Thompson has plenty of time and flexibility to augment the roster if someone's available at the right price.

    I hope he didn't talk about Culpuppy. Nevermind, he said upgrade. Culpuppy isn't even an upgrade for clipboardholder Martin.