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Discussion in 'NFL Draft Discussion' started by Crowned, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. RonMexico7

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    Mike Smith, the Jags D-Coord. Their strength was the D-Line. Not saying that's the way he has to go, just seems likely to me. Ellis, Dorsey, McFadden, both Longs are all better prospects than Ryan. He'll be worthless if nobody can block for him.

    I don't think Schaub's all that great. He's got some tools, he might get ya'll to the playoffs a couple of times, but that's about it. Ya'll aren't going to go deep into the playoffs with him as your QB. I kind of see a Jake Plummer type career. Not bad at all, just not all that great either.
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    Mike Smith ex Jags DC
    Sorry but no matter what way you spin it, Jamaal Anderson+Chirs Houston./Blalock + a 2nd rounder - possibly Chad Henne >>>>>>>>> Matt schaub, that trade has filled 2 big needs(with 2 1st round talents), and will fil another need with 1st day talent...i would take that over Matt Schaub anyday.
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    i had never considered the cap room element when thinking about our draft choice this year. i can really see al making a deal with the cowboys now if mcfadden is still on the board
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    nice hire! well, that certainly would sway judgement wouldn't it?
    fair enough (except including anderson, but whatev) the price was pretty steep and believe me, it's being paid. a 2nd rounder this year would be huge for the organization. i don't agree with ron's assessment though...schaub's only disappointment has been his durability which is up in the air because when he was hurt he was taking blatent cheap shots. i think he's got the makeup and opportunity to be an elite qb for the texans. we'll see though...