LaVar Arrington Ordered to 'Cease and Desist' Calling Himself a Redskins Great

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    The Washington Redskins are no strangers to using the legal system to get what they want, like in 2009 when the team sued their own season-ticket holders, including a 72-year-old grandmother who was hit hard during the recession.

    Not much has changed since then. Not even the Redskins No. 2 overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft, LaVarArrington, is immune to the Redskins' legal arm.

    The three time All-Pro linebacker for the Redskins was ordered to "cease and desist" marketing himself as a Redskins "great":

    The Redskins had an issue withArrington's flier for his football camp:

    The retired linebacker had a little fun with a Twitter rant directed at the Redskins and their pettiness:

    The real kicker here is that Arrington was voted as a member of the "80 Greatest Redskins" by a panel of former players and media. Not even a player named a "great" by the team itself can call himself that.

    Way to go Redskins.

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    The 'Skins arnt making money off of this, so I'm not surprised.
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    Dan Syder is a rod
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    are we really surprised? not only from the foreskins but from the NFL in general.
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    Well he was decent enough I suppose but he's no Peta Nocona or anything.