Lawyers Working On Paperwork Towards Possible Settlement On CBA

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  1. As the NFL owners and players continue to negotiate in hopes of solving the labor impasse, the lawyer for a group of retired players has fired a shot across the bow at management and the union. Attorney Michael Hausfeld, who is representing Carl Eller and a cluster of other players who have sued to gain control of health, disability and retirement benefits, said that his group will not sign off on a court settlement until its demands are satisfied. More troubling is that Hausfeld said his side has not been involved in the mediation of the lawsuit.“If our side is not heard and our desire for change is not met, we will not agree to a settlement of this case,â€￾ said Hausfeld, whose suit on behalf of Eller and others was joined in court with the Brady v. NFL suit. “We want substantial changes in all phases of the post-career life of retirees and those issues will be addressed.â€￾ On Tuesday, the participants from the league’s and players’ sides were primarily lawyers; no players or owners from either side. A source very familiar with the circumstances indicated that the lawyers were working on paperwork toward a possible settlement.

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    Totally misleading headline!
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    At the end of the day Eller really has no say. The players/owners are pretty much going to give what they want to give.

    The interesting thing is when they settle the Brady lawsuit...will that settle the Eller part as well?
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    Damn BBB, that title is just wrong.
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    YEah...the title's not so
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    I agree, damn it I came in here looking for something completely different.