LebaneseFF's Redskins potential coaches grades (note they are not all complete as I don

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    I will use the list of candidates provided in the article


    to grade the coaches. These are my grades and you can agree or disagree. Not all are complete since I really don't know all of them.

    1st. Jim Caldwell
    Well I think this interview was to comply with the Rooney rule.
    His success is due to Peyton Manning. and not the other way round, once Peyton was out what did he do? He got fired....

    Flacco won a superbowl but I am not buying.

    2/10. I give him a two because he has experience but that is about it.

    2nd. Jay Gruden

    Twitter went crazy after the Bengals put up what was one of the worse offensive showings this year vs. the Chargers. Why would we hire a guy who has seen Dalton INT go up from previous years etc.. etc..

    Here is the way I view it, Dalton is not a great QB, but Gruden managed to make him respectable. Now imagine what he can do with a great QB.

    I am not 100% sold on Jay Gruden, but I wouldn't be mad if he got a shot.

    6/10. One thing is for sure the guy has fire in his belly check out his rant in August last year

    3rd Rich Bisaccia

    I don't know much about him, only what I have read since the reports came out that he was interviewing. I will be very honest in saying I would be shocked if Bruce and Dan took this route. (Since I don't know much about him, I can't say if it would be a good shock or bad shock) He seems like he is a leader but I can't tell you more.

    My grade is incomplete here. (Hopefully some Cowboy posters on GIF can give us some insight)

    4th Perry Fewell

    It really depends on what scheme he will intend to run, he is great with the defense as we know having faced his Giants at least 8 times since he go the job in NY.

    I think the other part of this equation is we would take away the Giants DC. :)

    Overall I am not rooting for Fewell. He might be great but I really do think we need a OC as head coach.

    5/10 just because of what he provides defensively.

    5th James Franklin. To be honest I never really followed college football (except for the PAC 10 and my Ducks) so I have no idea who he is, what he is etc..

    Here i need your help.

    Grade incomplete due to my incompetence

    6th Mike Zimmer

    See above for Fewell, I think Zimmer is a great Defensive coach is he what we need? that is the question.

    I am going to go ahead and give him the same grade as Fewell

    Grade 5/10

    7th Ken Whisenhunt

    Ah at last someone I know pretty well. I lived in Arizona during the Whisenhunt days. He is a QB coach first and foremost. So RGIII can develop. What I like about Whisenhunt is the culture he implements in the locker room. I won't forget when Q blew up at Todd Haley during the SB. Whisenhunt was quick to kill the news and go back to winning.

    The biggest issue with Whisenhunt is he prefers true pocket passers and I just don't think he will pass the Detroit gig for us!

    Grade 7/10

    8th Sean McDermott

    I would rank McDermott as the lowest DC candidate on this list. I like what he has done in Carolina, but he also had the personnel to make it happen. In Philly he didn't have the players and was fired.

    Grade 4/10

    9th Darrell Bevell

    This is all yours. You give the grade please :)

    10th Greg Roman (SF OC)

    11th Vic Fangio (SF DC)

    I know very little about both these guys.
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