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    We take a break from these NBA Finals to discuss the NBA's newest billionaire...

    LeBillionaire - Sports Chump

    And now that Boston grabbed Game One, does everyone still think the Warriors winning this thing is a foregone conclusion... or did you not think to begin with?
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    Jordan was a billionaire first and has more money...

    (((Runs away)))
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    Haha...nice one, TJ!

    I really dislike this finals. I'm tired of the Warriors but as a Sixers fan I can't root for the Celtics either. It would be a Philly fan nightmare if the Celtics, Rangers, and Mets all won championships this year. It hasn't been much fun in 2022 so far.
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    Reminds me of that old Barkley-Jordan Nike commercial where they compare who went bald first.

    Yea, after Game One, I was about to say this Finals is more competitive than I thought it would be. Then Game Two happened, which is really much more of what I expected from these Finals.
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    Can't wait for basketball season to end so there are only 3 months left for football season...

    A hopeless Knicks fan.
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