LeBron, free agency and the summer of Cleveland's discontent

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    Earlier this year, I had every intention of writing a piece detailing the most talked about – yet least important – stories on the docket. The Ball Family, Lonzo, LaVar and the Chinese shoplifters obviously made the list as did the countless and completely inane comparisons between the legacies of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The alleged discord between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick rang the bell a few times and of course any discussion of Johnny Manziel is enough to make me scratch my head and wonder why we’re still talking about this guy.

    But no story was more prevalent – and less relevant – than where LeBron James would play basketball next season. That is, less relevant… until now.

    Carry on at: http://sportschump.net/2018/06/14/decisions-decisions-summer-clevelands-discontent/20118/
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    The Decision 3.0

    Seriously, if he joins the Warriors, I'm quitting the NBA for good.
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    If he were to join the Warriors that would put me out of watching as well. It's not even fun. I'm still pissed at Durant for going there.
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    I wonder if Silver would veto that deal like he vetoed Paul going to the Lakers.
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    Wasn't that Stern? Probably his last big move...
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    It was Stern.

    I have a subscriber who is an AVID Lakers fan who STILL B*tch*es about that veto, lol.