Legendary Steelers Head Coach Chuck Noll Dies

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    And boy was Bradshaw pissed. Even with the limited amount of media coverage and outlets, Bradshaw's disgust over being benched made the news. That was one of Noll's best moves as a HC and even Bradshaw would go one to say that it was the best lesson he learned while in the NFL.
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    Wonder if Bradshaw and Noll ever made up. Yahoo's NFL blog, Shutdown Corner, is reporting in an article today that Bradshaw didn't even attend Noll's funeral.
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    I Thought they made up when bradshaw was elected to the hall of fame? noll had balls as a player.he punched chuck bednarak a few times and the league made him apologize.he apoligized to him and quickly said,"bullcrap"after he did it.
    still the only NFL head coach to win the super bowl 4 times.
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    Bradshaw made up with the Steelers organization. I don't think he cared much for Noll.