Let Us Know Who Your Favorite NFL Team Is And Why!

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So who is your favorite NFL team?

  1. Buffalo Bills

  2. Miami Dolphins

  3. New England Patriots

  4. New York Jets

  5. Baltimore Ravens

  6. Cincinnatti Bengals

  7. Cleveland Browns

  8. Pittsburgh Steelers

  9. Houston Texans

  10. Indianapolis Colts

  11. Jacksonville Jaguars

  12. Tennessee Titans

  13. Denver Broncos

  14. Kansas City Chiefs

  15. Oakland Raiders

  16. San Diego Chargers

  17. Dallas Cowboys

  18. New York Giants

  19. Philadelphia Eagles

  20. Washington Redskins

  21. Chicago Bears

  22. Detroit Lions

  23. Minnesota Vikings

  24. Green Bay Packers

  25. Atlanta Falcons

  26. Carolina Panthers

  27. New Orleans Saints

  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  29. Arizona Cardinals

  30. St.Louis Rams

  31. San Francisco 49ers

  32. Seattle Seahawks

  1. suedon70

    suedon70 Sports Chica

    I have been a Bucs fan since the 70's (I deserve an award for that!!!) I have definitely seen the good, the bad, and the ugly over the decades. Love 'em or hate 'em, Gruden led the team to a SB title, and for that I'll be forever grateful!!!:clap:
  2. chiefswin19games

    chiefswin19games Don't be defeated.

    I've been a Chiefs fan since 1982. I saw them play the St. Louis Cardinals at Arrowhead and have been a fan ever since.
  3. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Hopefully the noobs will see this and vote for their favorite team
  4. RaMsFaN4eVa

    RaMsFaN4eVa Starter

    STL Rams all the way!!! The first year i really got into football was the year that the STL Rams won the Superbowl so i just stuck with them. Yes i kno that they get worse and worse every year but i don't really care.I have been to two games to far and they were AMAZING! I plan on goin to a whole bunch this year.

    As far as I am concerned i guess i would consider myself a true fan becuase i have never switched to a different team even tho the Rams haven't been so good.....Wish i could say the same for Chi Bears fans....:icon_rolleyes:
  5. Mr. D

    Mr. D WINNING!!

    oh I sure loved that moment :icon_twisted:

    as far as Me, I am a Die hard Cincinnati (with one "T") Bengal Fan

    Started a couple of years before quoted event lol in '87

    granted my choice came from becoming a Cincinnati Red Fan

    I picked the City's Football team to go along with there Baseball team, and stuck through the years of Turmoil following the '90 season, 12 years of shame followed by two 8-8 seasons before The Bengals got back to a winning season, even further Turmoil with the off the field antics and well you know the deal

    I stuck with the team I chose not of a home field team either

    I have only stepped into Cincinnati two times in my 29 years of life

    one time wasn't really in cincinnati it was the Cincy kentucky air port

    the second time was in 2006 when I went to my Second Cincinnati Bengal Game

    to watch one great Game, sadly after The Bengals were kicking butt the Defense put up 42 points in the second half against the chargers losing the game :\

    still great highlight reel game for both teams

    My Dad's a rams fan he's been a Rams fan since L.A. Days lol
  6. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    started watching football in 2000 moved to Pa from new york in 01 and became a all philly sports fan.
  7. bucs_till_death

    bucs_till_death Starter

    I'm from the UK and my dad went on holiday to the Bay area in the 80s and met these Americans who were Buc season ticket holders (at the old Tampa Stadium).

    Then in the summer of 02, my dad was cfreaking out the NFL website and luckily I happened to have a look and listen to the live gamecenter coverage (before the days of fieldpass :icon_cheesygrin:) I guess I was hooked there and then. So I started supporting the Bucs by the start of the 02 season and have never looked back!
  8. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Welcome to GIF!!!!

  9. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    Welcome to GIF ! Another NFL Fan from Europe !!! :buttrock:
  10. phiglesphan

    phiglesphan BANNED

    I have always ignored this thread... started reading through page one today until I got bored... I did find this under the list of highlights of being an Eagles fan from some guy name PhilEagles78 who is long gone, it made me chuckle
  11. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    I'm sure there are a lot of humorous tid-bits in here.
  12. PantherGF


    I am a Carolina Panthers fan and I have been one since the team was created in 1995. In about 1991 – 1992 I was introduced to football through my family my 3 older sisters & 3 brother-in-laws who are all Steelers fans I was about 5 or 6 years old at the time.

    I live in the state of WV where there are no pro sports and the only teams here are to root for are WVU, Marshall, & our minor league baseball team the WV Power formerly the Charleston Alley Cats. The majority of this state people are Steelers, Browns, or Bengal’s fans.

    The first team I ever watched though was the Dallas Cowboys funny how that works out huh? I was so glued to the TV I began to love the Cowboys at time which my family hated and I began to fall in love with football. Then about 3 or 4 years later I went on a trip to NC with my parents and heard they were going to have a NFL team called the Carolina Panthers I was probably about 8 or 9 years old when I heard about the team being created. While I was in NC I saw a Panthers jersey in one of the stores I cannot recall who’s it was (I have a picture of me wearing it somewhere) but I loved the style of the jersey, the colors, & the logo, I immediately fell in love with it. I begged my parents to get it for me, and the hat that matched (man I still wish I had that hat) and I had always loved the state of NC.

    So from there on I threw away all my Cowboy stuff my sisters and people had gotten me over the years and started to become the Panther fanatic I am today (Also the beginning of me despising the Cowboys). So from the first kickoff in ’95 I became the fan of a new franchise in the league. I loved the city, the state, & the people of NC, I became part of something that I hadn’t grown up with or my friends or family liked, something new to the NFL. Something I could pass on to my kids to become a part of in the future (If they are not like me that is) the great family of fans that are Panther fans.

    I have always watched the games on TV when I could catch them on (seeing that they only air Bengal’s, Steelers, & Browns games to this day here), last year I added another chapter into my story as a Panther fan by going to my first live game me and my fianc set in the second row behind the field goal post last year and went to the Panthers vs. 49ers game at Bank Of America Stadium. I proposed to my now fianc (Who was born and raised in NC but is a Broncos fan actually her whole family is go figure) in the 4th Quarter of that game in the stands.

    This year I am going back and as of right now we sit at 6-2 and the game I am going to is the last home game of the season, which means it will be a very important game if we keep winning like we are. We are going to Charlotte, NC to see the Panthers play my fiancs team the Denver Broncos it will be a fun trip we got 1st row tickets behind the Broncos bench around the 30 or 40 yard line. This will be the first time she gets to see her team live so its a big trip for her. That is my story of when, how, & why I am the fan I am today!
  13. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Wow, that's a lot of reasons to hate the Cowboys PGF.

  14. PantherGF


    Just alot of years to build to why I dislike them including after we eliminated them in the playoffs in 96', It's more less a hatred towards them because there has been somewhat of a rivalry going on since then, not counting the countless amount of friends that I have that have either jumped on there ban wagon over the years because of the Super Bowl win in 95 or the superstars Jerry Jones brings in and having to deal with them. pleanty of more reasons why but I don't feel like typing them are a big percentage of this country loves them (which I use to be when I first started watching them when I was a lot more nieve about the business aspect of the game and everything)
  15. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Well it's good to see you posting your opinions dude!

    I pay attention to most of the threads around here, but I don't get to respond to alot of them.

    It's good to get to know a posters opinion on the state of the team.
  16. MmmBraaains

    MmmBraaains Ginormis Seibu Lions Fan

    I'm a huge Cardinals fan because of Cuba Gooding Jr's delightful portray of Roddy Tillman. I enjoyed it so much that I even overlooked career low lines like "you can't shoplift the pooty" and "show me the money".

    Then on possibly the coldest day in my recent history he took the role as Dr. Ted Brooks in Snow Dogs. Which there is nothing wrong with, save your pitchfork Snow Dog lovers, no my gripe became with the constant re-viewing I had to do whilst looking after my cousin.

    Over and over it would play, during dinner, during breakfast, during reading the paper of the crapper. It was here I returned my Cuba fan club membership over and headed for the most despised, vile and evil organization I could think of...

    So here we are. That's my story, My name is MmmBraaains and I love the Patriots! God bless the cheaters!
  17. Fish

    Fish I'm glad I came!

    I'm from Philadelphia, so that makes me an Eagles fan. Mostly because I was born and raised her in Philly and because I believe one should root for his/her own home team. I have a few friends who don't like the Eagles, have never liked the Eagles and I can't really say why that is. I dislike watching the game with them.

    However, my favorite team outside of my home team would be the Chargers. When I was a kid I got a Charger foorball helmet for christmas and that BOLT was so cool!
  18. russian.tank

    russian.tank BruceAlmighty2010

    The Oakland Raiders. I came to America when I was 8, and I was still learning about football, when I saw the Raiders play the 49ers in the Pre Season. And the Raiders had cool uniforms and a cool logo. And that day I became a Raiders fan. Since then, I've suffered through the Tuck Rule, The Super Bowl, and the goobered head coaches. I've had an opportunity to learn the history of the Raiders and go to many games, and the hope that the Raiders will return to the glory days still burns deep in my heart, and could be seen during certain games in the season, mainly the last 2. I love my Raiders and I am a proud member of the Raider Nation.
  19. tammietailgator

    tammietailgator ROCK CHALK!

    My name is TAMMIE and I am a Chiefs fan...

    I am a Chiefs fan because Tony Gonzalez is HOT!

    Kidding, I am actually a chiefs fan because I was born the season that they won their one and only Superbowl. I was actually 8 months old when they actually played the game. I have 3 brothers one being my twin and they are also Chiefs fans. My brother took me to my first game in the pouring freezing rain and it was still one of the best tailgate parties ever! So basically, born and raised a Chiefs fan and will never stop!
  20. multibeast

    multibeast Special Teamer

    I accidentally picked the Redskins :icon_frown: so if we can -1 from the Skins and +1 to the Eagles that would be great :laugh:

    <<<< n00b