Let Us Know Who Your Favorite NFL Team Is And Why!

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So who is your favorite NFL team?

  1. Buffalo Bills

  2. Miami Dolphins

  3. New England Patriots

  4. New York Jets

  5. Baltimore Ravens

  6. Cincinnatti Bengals

  7. Cleveland Browns

  8. Pittsburgh Steelers

  9. Houston Texans

  10. Indianapolis Colts

  11. Jacksonville Jaguars

  12. Tennessee Titans

  13. Denver Broncos

  14. Kansas City Chiefs

  15. Oakland Raiders

  16. San Diego Chargers

  17. Dallas Cowboys

  18. New York Giants

  19. Philadelphia Eagles

  20. Washington Redskins

  21. Chicago Bears

  22. Detroit Lions

  23. Minnesota Vikings

  24. Green Bay Packers

  25. Atlanta Falcons

  26. Carolina Panthers

  27. New Orleans Saints

  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  29. Arizona Cardinals

  30. St.Louis Rams

  31. San Francisco 49ers

  32. Seattle Seahawks

  1. I started watching football when I was 7 years old )midway thru the 86 season). I became hooked on the Eagles mainly because they were the home team and I was a fan of the Phillies and Flyers so being the Philadelphia football team I started pulling for them.


    Winning the 1988 NFC East title...1st division title since 1980 and a team that wasnt expected to finish that high, beating out the mighty Giants and defending champion Redskins for the division was awesome

    Week 2 of the 1989 season at Washington...Cunningham sets Eagle team records for single game passing yards (447) and td's (5) as the Eagles overcome 3 different 20 point deficits in 42-37 win (Gerald Riggs fumble in the final 2 mins also helped)

    Week 12 of 1990 season...beating the 10-0 Giants!!!

    Eagles become the first team to beat the Giants with a 31-13 shallacking at Veterans Stadium.

    The body-bag game...Yes the Redskins did get the revenge in the playoffs, but who can ever forget rookie Brian Mitchell being forced into QB duty after the Eagles knock out Jeff Rutledge and Stan Humphries in a dominating 28-14 win on Monday Night Football

    The 1991 defense...#1 in rush yards, #1 in pass yards, #1 in total defense

    Jan 3rd 1993...the other comeback game...Most people like to remember the early game on this day as a great comeback but the later game was one I will also remember. The Eagles trailed the Saints 20-10 heading into the 4th quarter in the Superdome but scored 26 4th qtr points to win 36-20. It was the Eagles first playoff win since Jan 11th 1981.

    4th and 1...1995 vs Cowboys. One of the most memorable sequences in Veterans Stadium history. The Cowboys attempt 4th and 1 from deep in their own territory and are denied, but the 2 min warning occurred before the snap but afterwards they still tried again and got denied a 2nd time. The Eagles use the short field to kick a game winning FG from Gary Anderson and win 20-17 capping a comeback from a 17-6 deficit. It was the first win over the Cowboys since October of 1992

    1995 wild card game. Return to the playoffs with a bang!!!!...Eagles trash Lions 58-37 in a game that was not as close as the score (we led 51-7 in the 3rd qtr). It was the first home playoff win since the NFC Championship game in Jan 1981.

    The hiring of Andy Reid as head coach in 1999

    My first year as an Eagles season ticket holder in 1999. Also my very first game on September 12th, 1999 vs Arizona.

    My first win attending an Eagles game October 10th, 1999 vs Dallas (13-10)

    Donovan Mcnabb's 1st start...35-28 win vs Washington

    Going to Pittsburgh on Nov 12th 2000 to see the Eagles come back from a 23-13 deficit with 3:30 to go and no timeouts to win in overtime 26-23.

    New Year's eve in 2000...NFC Wild Card vs Tampa Bay...21-3 whipping of the Succaneers

    Winning the 2001 NFC East title...1st division crown since 1988 and first of what is now a current 4 year streak of division titles. Also, beating the Giants to win the div in what may be the best game I ever attended...24-21 win as Damon Moore tackled Ron Dixon at the 4 yard line after a lateral from Tiki Barber nearly gave the Giants the win.

    Welcoming Steve Spurrier to reality...week 2 2002
    Got the opportunity to get tickets for this one and was glad I made the trip to Fed Ex Field for this game. 37-7 shallacking in the game forever known as Spurrier's lips making him famous on MNF.

    4th and 26...Was on my feet in the stand thinking that I am watching the final play of our season...then we convert and win in overtime, the Packers still havent recovered.

    The arrival of Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse...2 guys who made an incredible impact all year long and will be around for plenty of more years to help us finally WIN the Super Bowl

    The 2004 NFC Championship Game...What is currently the Greatest Day of my football fan life. Left home at 5 am to pick up my uncle and be at the Linc by 8 am. Sat in the frigid cold in the parking lot but it was well worth it. Seeing that celebration was something else, we were finally going to the Super Bowl!!!


    Never winning a playoff game in the Buddy Ryan era.

    Cunningham getting injured in 1st game of 1991...Even though Washington had a great year, I will always believe this...If Randall did not get hurt, the Eagles would have won it all. We went 10-6 with Jim McMahon, Brad Goebel, and Jeff Kemp starting games at QB for us. We even beat the champion Redskins once without Cunningham, but thats too big of an if to worry about...that is just the luck Philadelphia seems to have

    1994...started out 7-2 and looked like a legit challenger in the NFC...including a 40-8 blowout win over the eventual champion 49ers (a game that woke the niners up I believe, they ended up winning the rest of their games after that)...then losing 7 straight to finish 7-9 and miss the playoffs all together.

    1998...3-13...need I say more???

    The 18 game road winless streak 1997-1999 (0-17-1)

    Draft Day 1999...When the select Eagle fans in attendance ridicuously booed the selection of Donovan McNabb instead of taking Ricky Williams...Guess ya all arent booing now are ya???

    The 9 game Doug Pederson era...even if he did beat the Cowboys and my dad's Bears

    The 2001-2003 NFC Championship Game losses...they all hurt, the last 2 hurt more because I was in attendance, the Tampa Bay game in 2002 hurts the most...we just knew we were gonna win, led 7-0 1 min into the game, and it was the final send off to Veterans Stadium. 3 hours later and a 27-10 loss made it the worst feeling I ever had walking out of a stadium.

    Sorry for the book but I got too many memories to share...lol could have put more on there, but I figure I got enough

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    I was first into NFL Europe, where I was a diehard Claymores fan (still annoyed they're gone!!!). Also, in 1998, I got into Ice Hockey, picking the Coyotes as my team, as they were the newest team in the league (didnt know they were the Jets at that point). About a year later, I got into the NFL proper, and stuck with the Arizona theme, thus making me a Cards fan. This year, I've decided to look into college ball, and sticking with the theme, I've plumped for the ASU Sun Devils.
  3. Guest

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    Been a Pats fan since they were crapty,and like em even more now.Winning rules,and sure is appreciated more when you've went thru years of losing.Losing sucks.
  4. CLSmooove

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    I woulda pissed on myself.... Drew Pearson AND Tony Dorsett!!!!

    Anyhoo, i've told the story of my Cowboy fetish once before.... I dont remember exactly the year Late Late 70's... My Father had two tv's watching the games, I climbed on his lap started watching, and then asked him what "1st and 10" meant.... Thus beginning my education into Professional Football..... He was a Miami fan... I remember him watching a Dallas game and I saw Tony Dorsett and that was it for me.... Been hooked every since....

    He isnt happy about my team choice BUT, With 3 daughters and NO sons, I'm the "son" he never had.... My sisters dont follow, care, or watch football.... My dad and I have that something we can talk about with just each other and I love that!!!!
  5. Anidem

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    I have been a Steelers fan since I was young. I really began to follow them in the Mid 80's when they sucked, but that was ok.

    I'm not sure why I always liked the steelers, I think it might have to do with the chip the aliens put up my butt.
  6. BlitzinJETS

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    I've been a Jets Fan, since the Sack Exchange Era ... I have always followed the likes of Wesley Walker, Al Toon, Freeman McNeil, Joe Klecko, Mark "Roid Freak" Gastineau, Washington, Etc ... Eventhough I was bummed out with that Freaking Pick of Ken Who?

    I was pissed that year, when the Jets let Dan Marino slide to Miami that year ... But what can you do about that as a fan. Hmmm, anyone care to remember the MUD BOWL with the Jets vs Phins, that was a GREAT game.

    Biggest turn off for me as a Jet were two of the BIGGEST jerks in NFL as coaches Rick Kotite and the BIG FAT TUNA (Parcells), they were arrogant

    I like the Herm Edwards Era as a headcoach, came into the organization with the OLD CRUSTY BUMS & salary cap ridden, made the PLAYOFFS his first year ... Slowly but surely turned the team over into his YOUNG STABLE OF STUDS & has been steady with 9 to 10 plus wins in three of his four years as a headcoach ...
  7. Bronczilla

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    I've been a Broncos fan since 1978.

    Before then I was leaning toward San Diego, because I loved Dan Fouts, Chuck Muncie, Kellen Winslow and Charlie Joiner.

    Or maybe the Browns, because I liked Brian Sipe and thought he had a way cool football name.

    Two things happened to change that. I saw a Lyle Alzado interview where he said something like, "I don't think there's a man alive who can kick my butt." And Denver lost the SB to Dallas.

    I've always HATED Dallas, even before I liked any other team. Bunch of primadonnas and their idiotic "America's Team" bs. I'm an American and they damn sure are NOT my team.
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    Okay,I must be the old guy in this bunch....lol
    I started out as a Colts fan growing up in Maryland....I remember my Mom's boss going to the Colts Jets superbowl game and I remember the Colts beating the Cowboys and Lassies game winning field goal....but I switched when I was only about 8 and the owner traded away two of my favorite players....John Macke and Johnny Unitas,I think Tom Matte went about the same time....So...

    I migrated to the next closest team to where I lived which was the Pittsburgh Steelers....
    They were just coming into their ERA and I saw all the great times....4 Superbowl wins in 6 years...9 straigh playoff appearances and all those hall of famers....so many great players....so many different ways of winning.When we moved to Iowa it was hard to keep up with them...hardly seeing any games when they hit their rough years after the Super bowls but I stuck with them and I very much respect the way their team has been run by the Rooney's over the years.
    They always seem to be a class act and have such a hard working bunch of players and coaches...
    And now Black and Gold are my colors of choice...
    The Steelers....The Iowa Hawkeyes and my kids school all wear black and gold!!
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    How often does one get the opportunity to "get in on the ground floor", so to speak? I've always been a "fair-weather fan" of one NFL team or another for most of my life. The Raiders, Bears, Oilers, Cowboys, Broncos... I've really supported these teams only when they were winning and everyone else was jumping the bandwagon. I've always wanted to pick a team and stay with them win or lose, but I could never really feel at home with any existing team. But that all changed in 1999 when the NFL announced they were awarding their 32nd expansion franchise to Houston. My native homeland was getting a second chance at a professional football team. I was very elated... and I knew once they started playing, I would always be on their side. The Houston Texans may have not won any championships, they may not yet have anyone that the football world at large would regard as legends, hell, they have yet to see a winning season.... but I can still say that I support them 100%, and that I have been doing so right from the beginning.

    That's not the only reason the Texans are my #1 team. They run a classy operation, the players have great potential... and best of all, we don't have to deal with Bud Adams. :D
  10. Dougerrrr wrote
    Old, hell your only 2227!!! Lmao
  11. SRW

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    Yeah that is such a good thing. God I hate that old fart....
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    Havent posted here in awhile.

    Im a Lions fan,I was born that way.I remember watching them as a youngster.Being from Michigan and a football fan I never had a chance.

    They've never failed..at dissapointing me.One of my 1st memories of the Lions is of one of the Thanksgiving Day games,they played the Raiders and won(forget the year,in the 70s though).
  13. I saw my first Charger game at 7 years old, and I've been a diehard fan ever since. I've seen them through more bad times than good, but I'm an underdog kinda guy.
  14. Datamigo

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    I been in the Cleveland area all my life so I've always been a Browns fan.

    I ask my bottle of Jack Daniels that same question every Sunday night?
  15. smurphy

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    An Apache girl in Tempe hecked me into submission.
  16. Anidem

    Anidem Official demonic presence

    PLZ! If anything indians know how to survive in the wild!

    Being a cardinal fan is by no means a sign of well developed survival skills! More likelly a gay, homeless steamfitter did it to you
  17. smurphy

    smurphy Guest

    Oh ye Anidem of little faith. Lot more steamfitters with nothing to do in the rust belt than the Southwest. Are you working through some issues?

    The Apache did a lot more losing than surviving. ....dare I say even more losing than the Cards.
  18. Attitude471

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    Oh, America's Team~Cowboys, of course!
    Growing up in Oklahoma, my family was split between the Cowboys and Chiefs. I started "getting into" football when I was in Kindergarten and I LOVEEED Roger Staubach so the Cowboys became my team and have been ever since.
    Then there's my son...he didn't want to be like the rest of the family, so he became a Broncos fan..where did I go wrong?!
  19. smurphy

    smurphy Guest

    Is your kid's name Damien by chance?
  20. SuperBeast

    SuperBeast BANNED

    Born and raised a Niner fan.

    Grew up infatuated with anything to do with football and my team. Players like Jacksaw Reynolds, Fred Dean, Charles Haley and Ronnie Lott were my idols. Then of course came Montana, Taylor, WendallTyler,Rice, Craig, Rathman, Clark ect..ect. and i fell in love with offense to. I still remember being a snot nosed cali punk trapped in texas in 81. The only Niner fan around for miles when "the catch" went down. I awas running wild and screaming at the top of my lungs in a room full of Cowboy fans....lets just say the rest of the day wasn't so pleasent for me...lol

    My Favorite 9er team of all time, the 94 Niners. Complete butt kickers, an offense that nobody could deal with and a D that scared the crap out of people. I loved it! A team that you knew would somehow find a way to win the game no matter what (except the philly game...ouch!) that team was pure brilliance imo!

    Favorite player- Steve Young. Loved his athletic ability and his desire to play as hard as he could every down. He always found a way to get something out of nothing, he never quit...i admire the hell out of that guy.

    worst moment- just like sweets, watching Young on the ground motionless for what seemes like forever after A.Williams took him down. I still hate that heckhead lawrence philips for not even attempting to block williams, that was HIS guy, HIS guy took out my favorite player. It just sucked watching a warrior like Steve have his career ended that way...