Let Us Know Who Your Favorite NFL Team Is And Why!

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So who is your favorite NFL team?

  1. Buffalo Bills

  2. Miami Dolphins

  3. New England Patriots

  4. New York Jets

  5. Baltimore Ravens

  6. Cincinnatti Bengals

  7. Cleveland Browns

  8. Pittsburgh Steelers

  9. Houston Texans

  10. Indianapolis Colts

  11. Jacksonville Jaguars

  12. Tennessee Titans

  13. Denver Broncos

  14. Kansas City Chiefs

  15. Oakland Raiders

  16. San Diego Chargers

  17. Dallas Cowboys

  18. New York Giants

  19. Philadelphia Eagles

  20. Washington Redskins

  21. Chicago Bears

  22. Detroit Lions

  23. Minnesota Vikings

  24. Green Bay Packers

  25. Atlanta Falcons

  26. Carolina Panthers

  27. New Orleans Saints

  28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  29. Arizona Cardinals

  30. St.Louis Rams

  31. San Francisco 49ers

  32. Seattle Seahawks

  1. Supfreak26

    Supfreak26 Guest

    Yet another Cowboys fan here!

    My earliest football memory was watching Super Bowl XIII. From that game on, I was a Cowboys and a Steelers fan until I eventually dropped the Steelers and I've been a diehard Cowboys fan ever since.

    Too many great memories to list but I'd say the nineties Super Bowls are at the top. (naturally)

    Best personal memory was taking my grandfather to a game. He was the biggest Cowboys fan I've ever seen but he'd never been to a game. His health started to fail so I bought him a ticket to a Cowboys-Redskins game for his birthday and took him to the game.

    I'll never forget the look on his face when he first sat down in his seat. He looked like a little kid in a candy store. He just couldn't believe he was actually in the stadium that god built!

    He died less than a year later and the wierdest thing was that just days after his funeral, I spent that Sunday watching my Boys beat the Redskins at Texas Stadium. I felt like he was there watching with me again. Very moving day for me.
  2. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Ummm Wanda, no limit as long as I'm here!!!
  3. bandi

    bandi Hall Of Famer

    ahaha Sweets....well can we lock the doors against anymore cowboy fans then?? :p
  4. Mooby

    Mooby Guest

    i am a redskins fan. im 17 years old, been a skins fan for about five years now, and that's it.
  5. BartBobb

    BartBobb Guest

    My grandpa was a Redskin singer for many years and would send us copies of major playoff games while we were living in Europe.

    So when we finally moved to the US (in '90), it was a given that I would follow the 'Skins and have done so ever since.

    My passion for the 'Skins has certainly been reinvigorated after the return of Gibbs and I am now an avid poster over at CPND (www.warpathinsiders.com)......which is how I heard about this site (from Chrisbob).
  6. Blu N Houston

    Blu N Houston ¡Vamos Houston!

    My NFL viewing started at the young age of 3. My dad was big into betting on the NFL and college football. Like all other kids that age, you looked up to your dad and I would imilated him. I remember pops cusing out Tom Landry for having the Cowboys kill the clock and not covering the spread. By the time I was four I could name ever NFL City and teams nickname. I was a prop for my dad, and his buddies. :twisted: In 1980 my first year of school, I was making $50 to $100 every few weeks, picking teams for my dads buddy, Uncle Joe. I was told to never pick a team just because you might like them. By the time I was 7 I was also picking College games, new how to work a parlay and started to bet my own winnings on Weekly pick sheets. It became a problem, my dad had created a monster.
    I started to act up more in school so it was over, no more gambling.

    In 1984 I remember joining the NFL Club for kids, and was asked to pick my favorite team. Well, at that time John Elway was the player I wanted to be like, so I picked the Broncos.

    IN 1987 my aunts boyfriend, who was like my big brother got me into watching Oiler games over at his brothers house, I was 12 and got introduced to Jerry Glanville, " THe House of PAin :!: ", and Budweiser.
    I lived the highs and lows, from Moon to Chris Dishman. Spiderman and Bubba McDow.
    I was a Bronco fan untill Elway left.
    A Oiler fan untill Bud flipped the bird and left.
    BTW, I was a Big "Houston Gamblers" fan. Jim Kelly was the Man!
    In 2002 The Texans came to town. It has been crazy ever since.
  7. The Red

    The Red GO BLUE!!!

    It was a frigid day in Michigan in 1982 when a 9yr old little boy named The Red was flipping through the channels on t.v. Alas he came across something that fascinated him. It was a large field with two teams. One with a star on their helmet and the other with the letters SF. I really liked the gold so I was hoping they would win the game they were playing. Thus my love for football and the Niners was born.

    Some bad times I remember and I'm not good with dates so if I'm wrong on them I'm sorry.

    1990 when the Niners lost to the Giants in what many believe would have been 3 superbowls in a row for the Niners.

    The game that Joe got mauled and injured in.

    Any game we lost to Dallas or the Packers

    The Tampa game Jerry Rice injured his knee.

    When Steve Young retired

    When Joe, Jerry, Steve, Roger, and Ronnie no longer wore the Niners uniform.

    Hiring Dennis Erickson.

    Walsh and Seifert not the head coaches anymore

    When Eddie had to give up the team

    Last season

    The good times

    The 5 rings we have and never losing in a Superbowl

    Steve Young and Joe Montana both being in the Hall of Fame

    Jerry Rice smashing records year after year.

    The Catch

    Hell with this there are to many to recall. The Niners have spoiled me over the years and I can't wait for them to return to the glory they once were. All better look out because the time is near. I can smell number six.
  8. metalliam

    metalliam Guest

    21, been a Redskins fan since I knew what the NFL was all about, which is about 11 years.

    Very few good moments to speak of since i've been a fan, was too young for the '91 Superbowl victory, and it's only since the last 2 years of the Norv regime that i've really followed closely..for the most part, it hasn't been pretty.

    Favourite moment would probably be LaVar Arringtons INT against the Panthers in Carolina when we were losing and headed to an 0-6 record...we won that game, and the next 5 to get to 5-5. Even thoigh we missed out on the Playoffs, that was the first season I really felt a part of the Redskins and what they were doing. There comes a time where you start looking into the business side of it all, that was my time.

    Schotty turned the team around, so Snyder being the kinda guy he is fired him, hired Spurrier, and we sucked....Gibbs is back now, after a shoddy campaign last year i'm hoping for bigger and better things this time around.
  9. cincyjon

    cincyjon Guest

    WOW :shock: I am the only Bengals fan at this time!

    I have lived in Cincinnati my whole life, and have rooting for the Bengals for as long as i can remember! I was rooting for them in both SB losses to the Niners :cry: , and thru the lost decade! Things are looking up since Marvin took over. Now they need to make it to the playoffs!

    WHO DEY!
  10. Stillelman

    Stillelman Guest

    I have been a Bronco fan for as long as I can remember watching football. I would say the original reason was Elway; I was amazed at what he could do. I loved the gunslinger for a QB, and I was too young to understand all the BS with his entry into the NFL.

    The memories - the obvious is the drive. I probably watch that a couple times a year along with the SB victories. The two SB victories, I still get cold chills each time I watch either one. All my friends going out after the first SB and me just staying and watching it again and again.

    John Elway, Steve Atwater, The Three Amigos, Terrell Davis, Eddie Mac, Shannon Sharpe, Karl Mecklenburg, hell even Bobby Humphrey. Everyone that has worn the Broncos uniform.

    Teaching my 2 yr old about John Elway and the broncos and her carrying a Broncos toy everywhere she goes.

    Actually being a Texas boy, and getting the chance to go see the Broncos live at Mile High a few times. My wife running around getting me autographs of some great players like Neal Smith, ROMO, Rod Smith, Wilson, Atwater, Eddie Mac, ect (because they will sign for a pretty girl before they will me). Being so damn cold that you can't feel your feet or hands, but loving every minute of it. Being at the game for the 62 yarder, and watching Elam pretty much catch the football before it landed (was a little passed 62 yards, but who is counting).

    The 91 AFC Championship game against Houston. I was at a baseball camp, and just remember my best friend was an Oilier fan, and we just were glued to the TV watching the game. Every time you thought Denver was done, back Elway came.

    The memories will just grow.
  11. TOP DAWG

    TOP DAWG Pro Bowler

    :mrgreen: Family thing as far as the Pats.Never thought about winning a Super Bowl.I still can't believe we are the best team in football,but I've sure learned to like it.Man,I never thought our time would come.
  12. Discovered the joys of the NFL last season, it was completely by accident... i was bored.. there was nothing on the box... and then I came across the NFL coverage on TV. I can't remember the game, or who won, but I was instantly hooked.

    I then had to choose a team to follow. I went to the NFL website, closed my eyes, picked a team, and ended up with the Jets!

    Since then, there's been high points (The draft was pretty cool from a Jets point of view IMO) and low points (the less said about the Playoff loss to the Steelers, the better).

    This will be my first full NFL season, and I can't wait for it to start!
  13. packfan82

    packfan82 Guest

    I went with Dallas because I have been a Dallas fan since late 80's (even the horrid 1-15). Not until Carolina got a football team did I start to like the Panthers, so I picked Dallas as my favorite, but pull for Carolina as well
  14. While i was a kid, living in Philadelphia during a time of consistent losing football. The Birds weren't even on T.V, so every week on NBC i'd watch the better football teams like the Raiders, Chiefs, Dolphins or Cowboys, and i just fell in love with the Dolphins from the beginning. I've been a fan ever since, and win or lose it WILL stay that way.
  15. Faceless

    Faceless Guest

    Niner fan here.

    Fell in love with the most amazing, complex and strategy-driven sport on earth the first time I saw Joe Montana connect with Jerry Rice (1989)

    Since then, I've followed the niners thru both celebrations & dissapointments... celebrated beating Cincy & San Diego @ the superbowl... have done the weird Merton Hanks-dance while watching TV in my bedroom... have suffered seeing Young on the ground... have done the prime-time celeration when Deion scored TDs... have practiced some boxing with Ken Norton Jr... witnessed T.O. disrespect Dallas's yd50 lonely star... etc. etc.

    And now, really looking forward to beating those overrated Cowboys next Sunday, and to witnessing Alex Smith start against the Cards in Mexico City.

  16. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    Just what we needed...another whiner...I mean...whiner fan...I mean...niner fan :lol:
  17. Faceless

    Faceless Guest

    let's see who whines on Sunday...

    Faceless 8)
  18. AllBucsInJax

    AllBucsInJax Guest

    Hello native Floridian here...yes I know with all the damn Yankees down here now we are a rare breed :cool: I was born in Tampa, but we moved to north FL when I was just a week old.

    OK now I will be telling my age, and just a little reading here I can see I am an OLD MAN here :? I started following football..college too...in the late 60's. And we did have the "Phins then (17-0!) And so I was a Dolphin...all we had too. And then I graduated HS and went to USF (Tampa...who just beat #9 UL ??!!) And aahhh they had just gotten the new team--Da Bucs! It was exciting place to be..loved John McKay....town was football starved and ready to rumble. And rumble...stumble....fumble they did in the books with that sorry team then to the now infamous 0-26 start.

    Creamsicle....Bucco Bruce...0-26 survivor here!
    Did make playoffs in year 4, NFC Central Champs to the NFCC game.
    Biggest mistake they made in those days was letting D Williams go!

    And then more years of the Yucks..Sucs we had...many years :roll:

    But of course the last few years have been rather sweet.
    Real sweet to beat the piss out of the Raiders in SB37!...a franchise that hung like 49 on us one time...my second hated team behind the 'Boys.

    Fan? yes I am.
  19. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Age is pretty much irrelevant in here Buc, glad to see you're not intimidated by youngins..lol
  20. purplewiz

    purplewiz Guest

    Or Course Vikings all the way... Being vikings fan is like a date in highschool... nice and sweet everything, but you'll never get anything REAL...