Libid21's 2008 NFL Mock Draft (1st Round)

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    Henne couldn't lead his team at all this year. The only person pulling the anchor on the offense was Jake Long and Mike Hart. I don't really think you watched enough of the Michigan games to realize that Henne is probably the worst leader out of any of the quarterbacks this year. Mike Hart and Jake Long were the premiere leaders on that team, not Henne. He's got a great offensive line and supporting crew. Matt Ryan has an average offensive line at best and has absolutely no targets to throw to. Not to mention Ryan's in an offense that's most similar to an NFL's offense.

    Oakland was top ten in rushing this year, sure... but do you really think Dominic Rhodes and Lamont Jordan are the long term answer for a franchise that's frantically looking for someone to carry this team? Al Davis has said that he's been looking for a weapon to complement that of Russell's, and McFadden is the only way to go. Jake Long is not an Al Davis type of player, so he's out of the question.
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    #1 chad henne is a total piece of crap he went 0-4 to my beloved buckeyes. he is not a winner or a leader so he is a horrible choice to lead a team.

    #2 I would be surprised if either one of those backs are back next year so they are not the long term answer at all. Hell the best back on the team this year was Justin Fargas not either one of those two.

    #3 like i said earlier i would totally crap my pants over darren mcfadden being a raider, he would be an excellent weapon to take pressure off of russel
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    And do you forget that Henne was out injuryed with a messed up shoulder on his throwing arm, and a knee injury?
    Also was it Mike Hart who put Michigan on his back against Florida and took them to the win in the 4th Q?
    You can't expect someone o lead the team when he's not playing can you.

    Back to my original point about not taking Ryan. QB is a top 3 problem for our team. The to pproblem however is the offensive line primarily at LT. Ryan or nay QB wont be able to do jack when he is facing the sky all day long. It has been left alone with people thinking it was okay because we used to have Vick back there running for his life. The game is won and lost in the trenches, our trenches our terrible.
    Also we will soon have problems at RB Dunn is on his way out (tbh he hsould probably leave next year at the latest) and people are kidding themsleves if they think that Norwood is an every down back. If McFadden was there i would be destraught if we didnt take them.
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    I can see Atlanta taking McFadden easy but thats just my opinion...
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    I think that McFadden has too much upside for anyone to pass him up man is going to be a freaking monster for years
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    I think you didn't read my post right because in my post I said, "...but do you really think Dominic Rhodes and Lamont Jordan are the long term answer for a franchise..." You only highlighted the statement part. It was a question to falcon_91 who didn't agree on the thought that McFadden is a need for Oakland.

    You're getting off-track now. You're turning this into a topic of who Atlanta should draft instead of talking about my mock draft. If you look at my mock draft, McFadden is already drafted. And if we had a chance to draft McFadden, I can see Dallas trading their two first rounders for him. If not, we will go quarterback or offensive tackle- moreso a quarterback because of the said reasons.
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    no i totally agreed with you on the fact that neither one of them is the answer i just miss bolded that is all. i was also just adding in that i do not think either one will be back next year
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    I think they will take a RB but with the current state of their running game and the juniors that will ossibly available i dont think it will be their top position of need

    I was just saying that thats what i think are our positions of need, yes a QB is needed, but imo OL has to be our top prioty. And in your mock you still have Jake Long on the board - admittedly im not his biggest fan - who i think has more value as a pick and to ur team.
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    That's where I strongly disagree with you. I don't see Oakland taking anyone over McFadden because McFadden is simply the best player available and although the running back position isn't the most pressing concern for Oakland, the running back position is still one of their biggest needs. I'd say Top 3 need, and if you need a running back, you'd be crazy if you passed up on McFadden in hopes of getting Jonathan Stewart, Ray Rice, or any of those other junior RBs who might be available in the second round because none of them, and I'll always repeat this until one of them proves me wrong in the long run, will ever be as good as McFadden was in college and as big of an impact McFadden will be on an offense such as Oakland's.
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    True none of them do come close to McFadden, but I can't help feeling they would take Ellis now Sapp has gone, - obviously FA could change all this.
    Worst comes to worst we win the coin toss and get him :icon_cheesygrin:
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    To be honest with you, if Atlanta gets the third overall pick, I'd really rather trade down with Dallas to get both of their first round picks and draft Clady/Stewart or Mendenhall(if he falls)/Baker.
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    No way. Too early for a WR with all the help the Bills defense needs. DT, CB, or LB at that slot.
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    We need some serious OLine help, before QB.
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    ^^^Plenty of depth on the O-line in this draft, take 1 of the best 3 QB's and be happy!
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    hey libid i live in delaware and ive watched joe flacco play many times in person he is not that good i dont think the falcons need him.
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    Joe Flacco lmao-He could be drafted and mentored for a few years and maybe if he gets a shot he can make due on it.
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    i dont know hes good and everything they say he doesnt listen to directions very well.
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    Kubiak comes from that Shannan coaching. The system as well they can find a pretty good rb in the later rounds.