Life lessons from Tiger Woods

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    Tiger Woods was once the most marketable athlete on the planet. He was as dominant as we’ve ever seen in any sport. Five career majors behind Jack Nicklaus, he was well on his way to becoming the greatest golfer to ever walk 18. In fact, many had already crowned him as such.

    That was ten years ago. A lot has happened since then.

    There’s an old, golf adage that goes, it’s not how you start the hole but how you finish. Let’s just say, after crushing one off the tee and hitting a fairly successful approach shot, Tiger is floundering around the green.

    News broke Memorial Day weekend that he had been charged with driving under the influence. It was an appropriate and unfortunate end to a troubled soul.

    Tiger’s is a tragic tale. Few athletes have risen so high and fallen so low. However, as with any other tale of woe, there are lessons to be learned.

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