Lions Attempting To Trade The Top Overall Pick

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by SRW, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. warcrychief

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    when was the last #1 pick traded anyways?
  2. 86WARD

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    The Chargers drafted Vick and traded him...
  3. DoubleC

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    Unless you're talking about the 2001 draft, and in that case, the Chargers traded their 1st pick to the Falcons so Atlanta could draft Vick. I think this is the last time a 1st pick has been traded before the draft.
  4. 86WARD

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    I think he was asking about the first overall pick being traded before the draft? Not sure. I screwed by sentence up now that I look at it...

    They traded for a pick to Atlanta and then in 2004 drafted Eli and traded him to the Giants...

    So 2001 for the pick and 2004 for the overall #1 player...if that makes more sense...