Lions Coach Compares Louis Delmas To Dale Carter

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    Before the Lions signed Larry Foote last week, defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham met with reporters. One kept trying to ask about rookie safety Louis Delmas but was getting interrupted by questions about linebackers but Cunningham noticed. "I've got to answer the Delmas question," Cunningham said at the end of his interview, "because I kind of like that guy." Cunningham thinks he sees another in Delmas, whom he compared to Dale Carter, a four-time Pro Bowl cornerback with Kansas City. "Dale Carter was kind of wiry, long and looked like he was out of control sometimes, and then he'd have the ball," Cunningham said. "When I look at Delmas now, I go, 'My God, it is like I got younger and there is Dale in front of me again.' ... We don't want to anoint the guy at all. But he came on the practice field like I believe you should come on the practice field."

    Source: Detroit Free Press
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    so, he's undisciplined, uncoachable, will constantly be out of position, will constantly be in trouble off the field and will flame out after just a couple of years?