Lions hire ex-Colts coach Jim Caldwell

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by DontKnowMe, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Not a fan of this hire. Wisenhunt was a better fit for this job, but apparently the Titans offered him more money.

    Caldwell failed as a coach in Indianapolis. Sure, he made the Super Bowl in his first year, but that team was built by Tony Dongy...everything was in place.

    Also, this team needs a serious kick in the ass. Not sure if Caldwell can give it to them.
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    Caldwell didn't exactly fail as a head coach. Playoffs 2/3 years, Super Bowl visit...the third year was abysmal, yes, but that's certainly not all on Caldwell. You don't abruptly lose one of the greatest quarterbacks in history and continue to roll along seamlessly. Especially when you are attempting to replace him with Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky. Caldwell also lit a fire under a struggling Ravens offense when Cameron was fired, which led to their improbable Super Bowl run. I'm not saying he's the next Belichek by any means, but I also don't think you're giving him enough credit.
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    From ESPN
    "Under Caldwell this season, the Ravens were 29th in total offense (307.4 yards a game) and 25th in scoring (20 points a game). Quarterback Joe Flacco, who Caldwell was brought in to mentor, threw more interceptions (22) than touchdown passes (19) this season."

    Those numbers aren't great. So I cant understand why he got hired. Caldwell didn't really fail as a coach in Indy. But having a QB named Peyton damn sure doesn't hurt.
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    what is worse: the hire? or the fact that they failed to get Wisenhunt
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    I’m not sold on either to be honest. Wisenhunt only had success when he had an established QB in Warner.
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    geez, this is like getting a new roomate and going from Gary Busey to Mother Theresa. maybe caldwell will be a calming influence on these players.
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    I don't mind the hire personally, you might be right calming influence he could have. But the fact that they didn't get their number 1 coach (Wisenhunt) is too big too ignore
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    Only good when he had Manning.