Lions LB Ernie Sims Will Play Better Outside Of Tampa Two?

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by 86WARD, May 7, 2009.

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    After performing admirably in his first two seasons, Ernie Sims took a step back in 2008. Then again, the Detroit Lions, as a whole, took a step backwards. New defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham thinks the third-year weakside linebacker will excel outside of the Tampa Two defensive system brought in by former Lions head coach Rod Marinelli. "I've tracked everything and I understand what happened," Cunningham said. "Tampa (Bay) plays a different kind of scheme than most people do and they did it because they had one great player, Derrick Brooks."

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    Sims, Foote, Peterson >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the whole damn 08 team.
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    lol i agree...avril in there as a pass rusher is good too, hes gonna be a stud
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    Yeah Averil has shown potential its time to step up. Gunther will make a big difference.
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    Good one! I agree, i think avril will be a hell of a pass rusher