Lions RB Kevin Smith Makes Jahvid Best Feel At Ease

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    Lions rookie running back Jahvid Best wasn't sure what to expect when he joined the veterans for organized team activities on Tuesday. He especially was wary of incumbent starter Kevin Smith, who was the team's featured runner in the backfield the last two seasons. "He just walked straight up to me and we sat down and talked a little bit," Best said of Smith. "He made it real comfortable for me. He's probably like my big brother right now. He's just giving me pointers and he's staying on me so I know what I'm doing when I'm out there." Best said he's relieved there has been no animosity, adding that it's allowed him to focus solely on getting the playbook down and helping the Lions win. Smith is still recovering from a torn ACL he suffered Dec. 13. Even though Smith has taken Best under his wing, he still isn't ready to give up his starting spot. "I'm always excited to compete," Smith said after Best was drafted. "I thought it was a good pick. They are bringing in a guy who could potentially make plays. So when he gets out here, we'll compete at practice, but when we line up on Sundays, everybody needs each other and that's the goal."

    Source: Detroit News
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    i am a fan of this duo, im just on board with the lions in general lol
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    Here have my job you are better