Lions RB Kevin Smith Predicts The Playoffs In '09

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by SRW, May 8, 2009.

  1. SRW

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    You have to love Lions RB Kevin Smith's confidence. In a recent blog post on his official site, Kevin Smith makes a bold proclomation: "I won't make a prediction about how many games we're going to win, but I will say this: We will definitely make the playoffs this season. Believe it or not we weren't far off last year. Almost every game we could have won, we were one play or one player short. Except for Tennessee on Thanksgiving, they just came out and beat us to sleep. They manhandled us, but nobody else did."

  2. CaptainStubing

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    ok, he's officially an idiot.
  3. dough21

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    Coming tomorrow: Kevin Smith caught breaking the NFL Drug Policy.
  4. SoDev

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    I don't mind a little cockiness or confidence, but this dude is just delusional.

    You don't have the worst record in NFL history and say crap like "we weren't far off last year", I don't give a heck how close the games were.
  5. TJ

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    I though Jon Kitna was gone :icon_eek:
  6. Ridin Burgundy

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    They only lost by 7 points or less in 4 games last year, I think they will be a lot better this year but not the playoffs.

    He must be on the same crap as Kitna, there is a big difference between being confident and delusional.
  7. DaBearsrule4ever

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    But, but to make the playoffs, you have to win games, something the Lions couldn't do in 2008. I think if the Lions go 8-8 and thats a big IF) in 2009 and thats a, they should consider that a success.
  8. falloutboy14

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    Perhaps this is just the way that Lion's players ask for a trade ... to a playoff team?
  9. InfinitePulse

    InfinitePulse disgusted.

    I can't fault the guy for trying to boost the ego of his squad... I think they have some building block and hopefully Stafford doesn't turn out to be a bust for them... I still think that they'll be competitive to an extent.
  10. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Well, Kitna is gone. Somebody on that team has to be drinking the kool aid he was drinking the last few years, lol.

    ENDZONE 1st Stringer

    Would be the greatest turnaround in the history of the NFL.

    Not going to happen though
  12. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Too bad Parcells isn't available, lol.
  13. K Train

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    there is nothing wrong with what hes saying....honestly atlanta was supposed to finish near the bottom last season and they made the playoffs....things are different in detroit now and having faith is good. he didnt guarantee anything, he predicted and you know damn well the media loves getting things like this out of players so they can write and article like when kitna actually guaranteed 10 wins
  14. CStevenson13

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    and i like him as a player but come on! at 0-16 you just have to be humble and come out and try to get a win at a time, you cant be going on the record talking playoffs, even tho i think in house each team in the league should be talking playoffs
  15. InfinitePulse

    InfinitePulse disgusted.

    0-16 LAST season... new players, new team. He can talk playoffs now, but he's got to back it up...
  16. Mike

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    at least the guy has confidence.
  17. lionheart?

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    Walk softly carry a big stick, Nobody in this town gives a crap about "garansheeds" or predictions by John "the profit" Kitna. show me on Sunday and shut your mouth!
  18. Fricker 4

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    We will definitely make the playoffs this season Now techinically he isnt lying here. He doesnt say he will play in the playoffs. They will make it. Surely with the money they all have they can make it to attend a playoff game. Surely thats what he means.