Lions Won't Draft Anybody Who They Can't Sign First?

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by mike oxlong, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Despite recent reports the Lions have decided on drafting Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, Lions Insider Tom Kowalski said nothing is set in stone until their No. 1 pick is officially under contract. "The Lions are not going to draft anybody who they can't sign first," Kowalski told Ryan Terpstra on WGHN-AM Grand Haven. "So anyone who thinks that the Lions have made their selection and it's a done deal, they're off their rocker -- they have not because the contract is going to come into play." Kowalski said Stafford is among a group of players that the Lions have expressed strong interests in

    Source: MLive
  2. lionheart?

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    Stafford already said "I want to play for Detroit" and that he wouldnt hold out he just wants to play. I know I know what else is he gonna say, Im just sayin!
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    yep, this has become common practice for teams to have the #1 pick signed prior to the draft. haven't there been some cases where even the #2 pick was signed prior to the draft after the #1 got signed?
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    Joe Thomas sat on a boat, and he was like a #3 pick for the Browns in 2007. I thought he was signed ahead of time, but he wasn't.
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    I think it was last year, Jake Long had been signed as the #1, and the Rams were preparing their pick. They had made their selection and asked the commish if they could sign him. The commish said no, saying that they didn't want the excitement of the draft to be spent in the week before. I could be wrong in what year it happened, but certain I remember this happening.
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    That was badass! "Im going fishing with my dad" screw the draft.:buttrock:
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    once the first pick signs, the second pick can 100% negotiate and sign their player.