Lions WR Roy Williams Traded To Dallas

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by Weezy, Oct 14, 2008.

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    No matter what the man deserves the respect for one of your best corners. he may only get one or two catches a game but if you don't respect him he's going to burn you. We all know how having two good wr's does to a defense...add Witten and Crayton into the mix and defenses will freak. Thats a nasty three wide and it will leave some serious voids in the d for guys like Witten to exploit. It also takes safeties out of the box and backs them i have to expect Barber will enjoy that.

    Now if he could just start catching the ball lol
  2. TJ

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    Maybe it's long overdue karma from the Herschell Walker deal back in 1991 :dunno:
  3. Jihad Joe

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    Thats been a huge thing in fans discussion for a young WR. The logic is that we want a guy who can step in as a #1 when TO retires. He is old

    This trade does make me feel a little bit better about that. And If and a big if, Williams can be a true #1, the deal works.

    Another problem I have with this deal is that we have been developing guys for the past couple years in Hurd (whom I hate) Austin and Stanback. And Austin has took huge leaps this year, and has the talent to be a starting WR. Where does he fit in? There was a reason why we didnt draft a WR high in the past couple drafts, and that was that the staff liked what we had as far a young WR's. Well now Austin is becoming a playmaker, and you trade for Roy Williams

    No, that was the last WR we trade high picks for
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    Ok alot of you guys were probably crying for us to draft a WR early in last years draft so I don't get it why y'all are dogging this deal. Crap the Lions were intially asking for 2 first round picks for Roy. I'm happy with the deal because hes a legit #1 WR when hes on his game. His heart clearly wasn't in Detroit this season, and you could say last season as well. But now hes back home in Texas where he wants to be. With a winning franchise..

    Sure it was a desperate move by Jerruh, but its a smart move in my opinion. We don't have to worry about developing him as a player or any of that crap that would come with drafting a rookie WR.

    Stanback? lol maybe he'll develop into something someday but Jerruh hyped him up all off season talking about how good he was coming along, which is great but so far hes done nothing and in my eyes hasn't shown alot. Austin has done well, hes still young so whatever. Crayton takes a back seat to #3 WR where he belongs.

    Williams is 26 and we have him locked up and he will be here long after Owens retires or is gone. This is a much better deal than when we traded for Galloway.

    And about Fitz, if Arizona really were trading him he would have been gone. Teams would have been all over him. But they never seriously considered dealing him away...
  5. TJ

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    Ohh...Galloway. I'd forgotten about that one...since I blocked it from my memory :icon_confused:
  6. Jihad Joe

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    I woulndt have been that bad if kept held onto him. I know they are old, but could you imagine him and Owens together
  7. ball in the baskett

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    The game this weekend is going to be interesting to see how TO and roy play together. Who do you play?
  8. Jihad Joe

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    Dont expect much from Roy off the bat, he is coming into a new scheme

    Screw Stanback, he's dead to me, we should have thrown him in, maybe switch the 3rd to a 5th

    I was really getting exited about Austin. I making a comparison to Willams now. But while Austin lacks consitancy now, I could have see him being a consistant playmaker by the end of the season.

    I kinda got off the "trade for a WR" bandwagon when the season started ( I was hardcore on it before) mainly because its so hard to incorporate at this time. Williams is gonna be learning a new offence with two different QB's
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    Reasons I LOVE this trade:
    Way too much to pay, ANOTHER distraction in the locker room, ANOTHER reason for TO to get pissy and if he doesn't Roy might, two elite WRs are worthless if your old imobile QB can't stay upright long enough to pass to them.
    Dumb and desperate for sure.
    There is ZERO chance this works out in the long run for the team. I am just hoping it doesn't work out in the short run much either
  10. Roy31

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    well thats good we still have a 6th round pick... Guess that will be a money round for us :icon_rolleyes: .

    I'm not going to sit here and say you guys didn't get a good return in this trade cause you guys did. Best of luck with them... We have an overload of young talent and still have alot of picks for the 09 draft so its all good. No 1st rounder which sucks but thats okay. Hopefully we're looking to add a ton more 6th round picks cause I heard that was the MONEY round!

    It's all hit and miss F-baby. You know... Rogers MISS, R Williams HIT, M Williams MISS, Calvin Johnson HIT.
  11. DaBearsrule4ever

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    There won't be enough footballs around to keep both T.O. and Roy Williams happy at the sametime.
  12. SeanTaylor21

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    I heard TO was actually pretty excited about this move because now they have two top receievers to cover its like the situation in Arizona except that Boldin and Fitz don't drop balls.
  13. Mike

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    sunday cant get here fast enough
  14. Omen

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    only time will tell if this trade was woirth what we gave............
  15. ragman

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    A 3rd round pick doesn't necessarily mean you get a great player.

    In 2007, the Cowboys drafted James Marten an OT, in the 3ed round, who played college ball at Boston College. He wasn't very good, so they let him go. He is now with the Raiders.

    It's all a shot in the dark whether a 3rd rounder will be very good.
  16. Weezy

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    i never said great player i said starter

    you can get alot of quality starters in the 3rd round im not looking for a superstar just a soild starter in the 3rd round
  17. ragman

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    The Cowboys may have more than those picks you named. Remember that teams receive compensatory picks for players who leave their teams to test the FA market. So, the Cowboys would get a compensatory pick for Julius Jones, now in Seattle, and Jacques Reeves, who is in Houston.

    I don't know how high these choices will be, though.
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    wow this is a freaking huge move for teh cowboys
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    without reading 10 pages...

    now big d has two roy williams lol
  20. ThePhantomTBag

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    I don't understand this trade. Its not exactly like WR was any problem for Dallas. Austin, Crayton, Witten(sure he's a TE but he is a great receiver), and TO have played pretty well. Why spend those kind of picks on a luxury player, when they need help at other positions.