Lions WR Roy Williams Traded To Dallas

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by Weezy, Oct 14, 2008.

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    Like I said, I was off the "trade for a WR" bandwagon when 1-The season started (im not a fan of in season trades) and 2- When Austin started making play's

    But one area this trade may be wise (tho not a fan of the picks given up) is that it gives us a player who can play as a top target. Considering TO's age, the fact that he got hurt the past two seasons, and the fact that Witten is much more effective with a top WR then without, this trade does work in the "covering your ass" department.
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    it's still a ton to give up for williams. you can try to justify it by looking at wideouts drafted in the 1st round but that's a very flawed way of looking at this. we''l have to wait for the long term to see if this pans out for dallas but that was a HUGE price to pay. you now have $18mil tied up at the WR position, that's nuts.
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    I would like it if they weren't playing so well other than TO. But the backups are playing very well so its wasting picks on a guy who only slightly betters the team.
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    Keep on trying to justify this... it's good stuff. I think the best part is '6th Round Picks have little to no value... 3rd rounders are good but definately hit and miss.'

    Draft picks are worth gold in any sport, but especially the NFL.

    FYI, Marques Colston and TJ Houshmandzadeh were drafted in the 7th round, Brandon Marshall in the 4th round, and Hines Ward, Steve Smith/ Carolina and Jason Witten in the 3rd. With the right scouting, you can find gems in the lower rounds.

    The Lions fans (the guys who have been watching him every game since he has been drafted) have been booing him all year. And he has always had the dropsies.

    Roy Williams is not going to fill TO's shoes.

    Is it better than nothing? Yes. But giving up the farm for him was a terrible decision.
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    trent cole was a 5th rounder :icon_cool:
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    I was only listing WRs for the most part...

    And for the record.... they really gave up that much for a guy with ONE 1,000 yard season.
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    Sort of. You only get comp picks if you lose players (starters at that), and do not pick up an equivalent amount of "starters" in the following season/offseason. I'm not sure how they determine a players "startability" or level of comp pick (I do know the round of the pick is determined by the lost players performance on his new team)'s confusing as hell, but I do know a comp pick can be NO higher than a 3rd and that is extremely rare.
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    I know it is at least somewhat based on the size of the contract they receiver in a free agent deal.
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    Yeah like there going to find any of those players in the draft lol. "With the RIGHT scouting"...

    There isn't a Jason Witten in the draft. Chances they draft a player like one of those you mentioned aren't very good, not only that but they will have to develop the players they draft. Thats not always a quick process.
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    How do you know theres no Jason Witten in the draft? Witten was a 3rd round pick, I doubt he was expected to turn into "a Jason Witten". Lol. Theres good TE prospects that could well develop into Witten caliber. Who the heck knows?

    Williams new buddy TO was a low 3rd too. Boldin was a low 2. Donald Driver 7th. Your own Novacek a 6th. Cooley low 3. I could keep going. Draft placement means crap.
  12. Roy31

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    Look at mister obvious... He's killing it toonight!
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    Huh? You said everything the opposite of what he said.
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    Those sleepers are there its just about drafting them and bringing them along. Theres no Witten in the draft... Plain and simple.

    Like I've been saying all along its all hit and miss, but it also helps when you have good scouting. Every year theres a few sleepers but not many great players that come from the late rounds. You might have a handful of guys each year that come out of the late rounds that prove to be fantastic players. But the chances are against you. Draft placement doesn't mean crap? so what you'd rather have 10 2nd day picks, than 10 first day picks?

    Heres Detroits 6th round picks over the past few years, some real gems like sexy says...

    2006: 6th Round CB Dee McCann
    2005: 6th Round DE Bill Swancutt
    2005: 6th Round LB Johnathan Goddard
    2004: 6th Round T Kelly Butler
    2003: 6th Round WR David Kircus
    2002: 6th Round CB Chris Cash
    2001: 6th Round LB Jason Glenn
    2000: 6th Round ? Quinton Reese

    Wow thats some top notch talent. The Early rounds are where the gifted players are you know the 4.4 40's.
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    Right. Detroit's scouting will heck up the picks anyway :dunno:
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    As a Cowboys fan you shouldn't care what Detroit does with the picks. Do you feel Dallas would have hecked up those three picks?
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    Parcells' picks were amazing over the years (Marion Barber being the best example after being picked in the 4th round in '05). Wade's picks have been so-so...the best so far I think has been Felix, and with Pacman gone, we'll finally see what Mike Jenkins can do.