Living a concierge-less existence

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    There’s a gentleman who comes into my bar who goes by the name of Sarge. I can only assume he comes from a military background. I don’t know too many people who give themselves unearned, war-time nicknames. It’s not like I go around introducing myself as Lieutenant SportsChump.

    Anyway, Sarge is here in Tampa on business, an extended stay if you will. Sarge, is in charge, of reconstructing the interior of a bank. When it is completed, however, this bank will not be like any bank you know… for it will have no tellers.

    See the future at:
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    Down here we've had "deposit" ATMs for a couple of years now. A few months back, they added the cashing checks functionality.

    I was personally involved in a project like that in a bank a few years ago.

    Immigrants are not taking your jobs. Machines are.
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    Maybe we should build a wall.
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    Maybe you should!! XD
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    Meh, that's a job for the robots.
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