LOL At Raiders Today

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Bears 88, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. happ

    happ PECAVI

    You can speculate all day long on the safety help with Routt, but Finneran did completely burn him. Finn easily had a couple steps after Hall bit on a juke to the inside. If the pass hadn't been underthrown, it would have been over.
  2. Daddy Primetime42

    Daddy Primetime42 TheNationWillRiseAgain

    Then when can I be mad jackass when they win the Super Bowl :icon_rolleyes:

    Speculating is what your doing, he probably would of dropped it you just dont know. That was a lot closer to being an Interception than it was a touchdown. Anyways you guys are a lot closer to being a good team than we are congrats I know you guys went through a rough patch like we are, but your Owner made all the right moves while Big Al the crypt keeper keeps getting closer to taking the team with him when he dies.
  3. DaBearsrule4ever

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    You'll be waiting for a long LONG time for the Raiders to win the Super Bowl, lol. Al Davis will have to be dead first.