Loss Of Browns WR Joe Jurevicius To Affect RB Jamal Lewis?

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by ravenfan52, Jul 10, 2008.

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    The potential long-term absence of Cleveland receiver Joe Jurevicius due to another knee surgery could severely hamper the Browns' offensive production this season. Though Jurevicius was only counted on to fill a role as the team's third receiver, his value to the Browns should not be underestimated. "He is a tough guy," said an AFC scout. "He is a consistent player who does so many things that go unnoticed for them. Not only is he a valuable receiver, he is a leader and a good blocker. Don't underestimate the loss of him in the running game. He is one of the few guys willing to go inside and dig out linebackers and safeties. His loss would impact Jamal Lewis' production."

    Source: SI.com
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    I moved this to the AFC Discussion because it isn't really hard news...it's not really news at all.

    Anyway, I could see the loss of JJ affecting Lewis' production a little but not enough to go noticed every down and every game.
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    How many people put out 3 WRs when they're running it? Not many.
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    I hope you removed the topic tags first. If not, move it back, get rid of the tags, and move it here again.
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    I'm no rookie...topic tags were gone a long time ago...:icon_thumright:

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    The loss of JJ will be offset be the acquisition of Stallworth, seriously JJ is not that critical of a player
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    Can Stallworth block? He can barely catch so I wonder... :dontknow:
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    I don't understand how a #3 WR is that critical to your running game. The guy missed - what? - 4-5-6 games last season and Lewis did just fine. This is really a non-issue. Jurevicius is not that crucial to the Browns success in the running or passing game for 2008.