Lynch Weighing Retirement, Ex-Seahawk Says

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    Former Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson spoke with Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynchand confirmed that Lynch isn't sure whether he wants to continue playing.

    "My bet would be that he plays next year in Seattle," Robinson said Thursday during a710 ESPN Seattle radio interview. "I don't think Marshawn knows yet. I don't know what the timeline is. It's probably going to be a feel thing, and we'll just see like everybody else."

    Lynch, 28, held out of training camp last summer for eight days before getting changes in the structure of his contract, which has one year remaining at $7 million in 2015.

    "I don't think he knew whether he was going to play last year until almost training camp," Robinson said. "Marshawn is getting to a point in his life where he may want to enjoy other things that are important to him."

    After speaking with Lynch, Robinson said Lynch also is considering retiring because of the toll that eight years of his physical running style has taken on his body. Robinson doesn't think Lynch's decision is about money, although the Seahawks have indicated they would be willing to extend his contract.[More]

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    Attention wh**e.
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    No kidding. He knows what an extension is worth and ain't gonna walk away from that.
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    maybe. Lynch has some ricky Williams to him. .. he's a weird dude so I guess I wouldn't be surprised at anything he does