Max guys, whiny GMs and the current state of the NBA

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    With all the millions of dollars being thrown around the NBA this summer, it was only a matter of time before we heard some disgruntled, and as-of-yet anonymous, NBA GM complain about the salaries of his employees. God bless the journalist who does not reveal his sources.

    As we all realized this off-season, not only are NBA players getting paid exorbitant amounts of money, they are also dictating where, and even how often, they play. Meet the new boss, not the same as the old one.

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    Makes you wonder what would happen in the NFL if there wasn't a franchise tag, doesn't it? NBA players are pretty much free to do whatever they want. They can choose to play with their buddies. They can choose to play for the best team even if it means leaving money on the table (my father always says: "what's the difference between 10 million dollars and 50 million dollars? Mere 40 million dollars").

    If I was the NFLPA, I'd easily go to the owners and say: "oh, you want 18 games per season? That's fine. Just no more franchise tag and we're in".

    I tell you, NFL Free Agency would be absolutely insane...

    That's what the NBA has gotten right, and the NFL perhaps never will...
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    All fair points, Teej.

    The leagues are miles apart when it comes to players' rights.

    I can't imagine how many NFL players right now wish they'd have given basketball a shot.
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