McCarthy Says Packers Need Reminder

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    MILWAUKEE (AP) - When the Green Bay Packers reconvene for practice Wednesday, they're likely to hear another lecture from coach Mike McCarthy on a familiar topic: how to handle success.

    Since taking over as the Packers' coach nearly two years ago, McCarthy has emphasized to his players that handling success is one of the most difficult - if enviable - problems a team can run into.
    Now, after an embarrassing 35-7 loss in abominable weather conditions at Chicago on Sunday, McCarthy plans to go over the lesson again.

    "I think you need to take a step back like we have the past couple weeks, and revisit talking about handling success," McCarthy said Monday in Green Bay. "You're a 12-2 football team and you go down and play a football team that's out of the playoffs, they're a rival game, and to perform the way we did - that's something else we'll talk about."
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    The Packers arent built to make any kind of run in the playoffs. They will be lucky to win their first game against Seattle/Washington/Minny