McCarthy Will Stick With Zone Run Scheme

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    Source: Green Bay Press Gazette

    Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has no plans to de-emphasize his zone-blocking running scheme in favor of a more power-oriented rushing attack for the cold climate of Wisconsin.

    McCarthy brought in the zone scheme as part of his version of the West Coast offense when General Manager Ted Thompson hired him in 2006. It was a significant departure from the more power-oriented run games of previous coaches Mike Sherman, Ray Rhodes and Mike Holmgren.

    Ryan Grant showed in the second half of last season that a good running back is more important than any particular running scheme, but the Packers still had crucial times when they couldn't run the ball well enough, including short-yardage situations and, most notably, in the NFC championship loss to the New York Giants.

    In arctic-like weather at Lambeau Field, a decent running game might have gotten the Packers to the Super Bowl, but Grant gained only 29 yards on 13 carries, whereas Giants running backs Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw combined for 130 yards on 37 carries, just good enough to control the ball in the bitter cold.

    Nevertheless, with most of the Packers' self-scouting from last season finished, McCarthy said he has no plans to de-emphasize the zone scheme, in which there's an emphasis of quickness over bulk in offensive linemen, and blocks mostly are straight ahead with minimal pulling of guard and tackles.

    "Yes, we're staying with the zone-run scheme," McCarthy said at the NFL scouting combine last week. "We do run aspects of power schemes that are adjustments to our zone schemes, so that's why I don't think that's a valid criticism, (that) because we play in cold weather we're running the wrong kind of run-game offense."

    Though McCarthy's run game is based on the unique brand of the zone scheme devised by former Kansas City, Denver and Atlanta offensive line coach Alex Gibbs, McCarthy says his version differs because it's based more on inside runs than the outside runs favored by Gibbs.

    Either way, both schemes emphasize the same kind of blockers, and McCarthy said he wants to stay with the the quickness-oriented linemen.

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    There was definite times during the season that I questioned whether or not the Packers should stay with the zone blocking scheme. At the start of the season, one running back after the other was shut down and that's when I thought to myself, why are we doing zone blocking when it's clearly not working. Knowing that you just can't change during the middle of the season, it frustrated me. But then Grant came in and showed us that he, along with the O-line, are capable of running the zone blocking scheme. Even though they were mostly successful, there were times, like the NFC Championship game, that looked horrible. Hopefully we'll be able to run the ball the whole year next year.
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    Yeah the Zone blocking did look better towards the end of the season, and the O-line will have another year of working together under their belt, hopefully good things will come of it!
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    with the success they had last season i wouldn't know why they would want to change out
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    but you also have to look at it how many backs we went through in the season because they couldn't run. Even after we got Ryan Grant, there were a few games when the running game looked a bit dead. I have high hopes though.